A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

    A Return to Love

    by  Marianne Williamson

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    If you are ready to live in a world without fear or judgment, A Return to Love Online Course might be just the catalyst you need to get there.

    Creating a rich, fulfilled life is a choice—and this course will teach you how to let go of the past through forgiveness and start your healing process.

    Using the teachings in A Course in Miracles, you’ll learn that at the deepest level you are love and that living from this space will change your life forever. When you are able to relinquish a thought system based in fear and accept one that is based in love, you can attain inner peace. You will no longer be at the effect of the chaos in our world. Instead, you’ll be able to relax and feel the love in every situation you encounter. You will be able to set aside negative energy in order to find success and fulfillment. When you give yourself to love, this spiritual surrender will raise your personal power, improving everything in your life. We were put on this earth to love but somewhere along the way we got lost.

    Marianne Williamson has studied and taught the principles in A Course in Miracles for more than 30 years. In her A Return to Love Online Course, she offers you a way to discover miracles from the comfort of your own home by employing the simple phrase, “I am willing to see this differently.” Using true stories from her own life and the lives of people she has worked with, she shows just how love and forgiveness can create meaningful change in both your personal world and the world at large. You’ll be inspired by Marianne’s emotional and thought-provoking insights—and soon you will be able to apply the powerful principles of A Course in Miracles regularly in your own life.

    How can A Return to Love Online Course improve your life?

    In Marianne’s lessons, you’ll:

    • See the power of love as the solution to all your problems
    • Learn how to apply the principles from A Course in Miracles in all aspects of your daily life
    • Get rid of self-defeating behaviors
    • Unlearn negative thinking
    • Discover your oneness with all beings and align yourself with your higher power
    • Create a life of peace and comfort by focusing on love and connection
    • Generate abundance and success by changing your behaviors and judgments of wealth
    • Spread love and kindness to those around you to create a positive, uplifting world

    We are all children of God and when we learn to turn to love in all situations, we access so many positive opportunities. “We are all one. There is nothing outside you” expresses that love is God and God is you. You are a child of love. With Marianne as your loving guide, you will learn to surrender yourself to love and trust in your higher power on this path of life.

    If you’re feeling fearful and trapped in an unloving world, A Return to Love Online Course can guide you to discover what is already within you. We are all beings of love, and you are capable of creating a world of healing, success and ultimate happiness.

    A Return to Love Online Course Overview:

    Lesson 1: A Course in Miracles 101

    In this lesson, Marianne Williamson introduces you to the core principles in A Course in Miracles. She shows how you can implement these principles in concrete ways in everyday life and explains how beneficial and powerful they can be if applied regularly. Marianne will help you understand that surrendering your ego to your higher power will start the healing process, and soon you will be free from the fears brought on by the world. 

    You’ll also learn about:

    • Marianne’s personal discovery of the course
    • Love being your true essence—and the true essence of everyone else
    • Living in alignment with the Holy Spirit versus in your ego realm
    • Becoming a Miracle Worker
    • Letting go of judgments through forgiveness

    Lesson 2: Relationships

    Both our long- and short-term relationships are a large part of our healing and spiritual process because all relationships give us opportunities to grow as individuals. As the Course says, “Relationships are laboratories of the Holy Spirit.” During this lesson, Marianne takes you through the various types of relationships we all experience and discusses how we must break down the walls that deter us from giving and receiving love.

    You’ll learn that:

    • Relationships
    • Every encounter is an opportunity to become your most enlightened self
    • Sometimes love means saying no
    • To give love gives you inner peace
    • Relationships bring up everything that is not love
    • Commitment is the process of mutual understanding and forgiveness

    Lesson 3: Career & Money

    Although career and money seem to be nonspiritual topics, Marianne addresses how you can benefit from applying the principles from A Course in Miracles to these areas of your life. She shows that the key to a successful career is knowing that what you do for a living is not separate from anything else in your life, rather it’s an extension of your basic self, which is love.

    This lesson provides information on how to:

    • Create abundance and success by trusting the path that is set for you by God
    • Tap into the brilliance within yourself by focusing on service
    • Recognize why you work and change your judgments about money
    • Set goals to make your worldly success a creation of your inner success

    Lesson 4: Health

    You are so much more than your body—the body is merely a temporary suit of clothes but the undying spirit is your true nature. By understanding this distinction, you are able to view health, illness, and death in a new way. In this lesson, Marianne uses principles from A Course in Miracles to help promote physical health by helping alleviate the stresses of the physical realm. She also looks at the end of life and explains illness and loss in a way that brings peace in the midst of pain.

    Topics covered in this lesson include:

    • Shifting from body identification to spirit identification
    • The true source of sickness
    • Spiritual practice to improve health and build your immune system
    • The importance of love in healing the body and the mind
    • End-of-life experiences and considerations


    Receive This FREE Bonus Gift When You Purchase A Return to Love Online Course:

    A Course in Miracles 6-Part Live Lecture Video Series with Marianne Williamson (retail value: $197)

    In this six-part video series, you’ll receive an additional 7 hours of inspirational teachings on how A Course in Miracles can be used to change your life. In each lecture, she takes the esoteric principles of the course and explains how they can be applied in common life experiences such as love relationships, business and even death.

    In these six videos, you’ll gain clarity on:

    • Dwelling in possibility and the newness of each moment
    • The reason for relationships and how they teach you how to grow spiritually
    • How death is part of a continuum 
    • The application of love in the business world
    • How we choose (or not choose) to identify with the past and the price paid

    Marianne expands on A Course in Miracles in these areas:

    Video 1: Life Purpose
    In this lecture, you will discover the true purpose of your life, who you really are and how the universe is always providing opportunities for enlightenment. 

    Video 2: Dwelling in Possibility
    In this lecture, you will learn how to see the world from your natural state of being by bringing paradise into each moment.

    Video 3: Relationships
    In this love-relationship focused discussion, you will learn how the principles of all relationships are the same and how each brings us closer to the love of God.

    Video 4: Death and Dying
    Marianne addresses the difficult topic of death, along with its purpose as a continuation of the experience of life and how it is not real.

    Video 5: Mindful Business Movement
    In this lecture, you will discover what love would do in business endeavors and how to serve love instead of chaos.

    Video 6: Carrying the Past
    Marianne explains how you are not created to be an effect and the price paid by identifying with the past.

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    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: A Course in Miracles 101

    In this first lesson, Marianne introduces you to the core principles in A Course in Miracles, relating them to life and showing just how powerful they can be if applied on a regular basis. Teaching the true nature of love and fear, she shows how surrendering to something greater than yourself, rather than living by the mandates of the ego, allows you to open yourself up to healing. By focusing on the oneness of all beings, you learn to forgive and love. This move from living in fear to living in love is the true miracle. Using prayer and meditation, she shows that a life of peace and comfort is within reach for everyone. Downloadable versions of these prayers and meditations are provided for practice away from your computer.

    Lesson 2: Relationships

    Lesson 2 brings the philosophical down to earth, discussing how the principles outlined in A Course in Miracles apply to the relationships in your life. After delving deeply into the true purpose of relationships, Marianne takes you through the various types of relationships we all experience. She also discusses the topics of communication and forgiveness and teaches how to tear down the walls we put up that block us from giving and receiving love. Download audio and text versions of the Prayer to Surrender Our Relationships for easy access.

    Lesson 3: Career and Money

    In this lesson, Marianne addresses the seemingly non-spiritual topics of career and money. But applying the principles of A Course in Miracles to these areas of your life is not only possible, it’s supremely beneficial. The crux of this lesson is the importance of offering your talents and efforts in service to God and viewing business interactions through the lens of love. With information on how to shift your views and your judgments about work and money, along with a Prayer to Become a Minister of God (available within the course as well as in separate downloads), Marianne helps you pave the way to both financial success and career satisfaction.

    Lesson 4: Health

    In this final lesson, Marianne takes on the ever-important topic of physical health, including the end of life. Using the principles in A Course in Miracles, she talks about the difference between the body and the spirit, explaining that the body is merely a suit of clothes while the spirit is our true essence. With this understanding, illness and death can be viewed in a different light—one that lessens the burdens and stress that accompanies them. Marianne also leads you through a guided 10-minute meditation to inspire personal health and healing before she takes you into a larger discussion of how love can heal the world. The meditations from this lesson are available as audio downloads.

    By a different light on Sep 12, 2016

    I read "A Return to Love" over 20 years ago and loved it. It wouldn't seem like this course would speak to me all these years later, but it did. As is always the way, you learn what you need from what you read and watch at the time you read or watch it. This video course was just perfection for me in terms of timing and taking me deeper into my practice and understanding. That having been said, if this is your first introduction to Marianne Williamson, A Course in MIracles, Hay House or online courses, I feel confident you will find equal benefit and enjoyment. Marianne Williamson is a brilliant speaker and teacher. I find her genuine and engaging and the information she brings in this course will help you to positively change your life if you honestly work at being willing to apply it.

    By Kristie-Anne on Sep 07, 2016

    I positively loved the meditations that went along with the lessons - I even downloaded them to my phone so whenever I am feeling stressed, I can listen and surrender.