Barbel Mohr

Barbel Mohr


Barbel Mohr

Bestselling author Barbel Mohr is a household name in Germany and travelled all over the world teaching transformational workshops on Cosmic Ordering until her death in 2010. Her books have helped countless people to change their lives for the better. Barbel's husband, Manfred Huerth, continues to promote her work and its empowering message internationally.


It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Barbel Mohr on 29th October from cancer.

We have lost a wonderfully inspiring author who became famous with her bestseller The Cosmic Ordering Service, first in her native Germany where she became a household name, and then in the UK after Noel Edmonds linked her techniques to the successful revival of his career. Barbel wrote more than 25 books and made two films. Her books have been translated in 21 languages and were published in the UK by Hay House and Hodder Headline.

Her creativity and thirst for knowledge were unquenchable: Indian gurus, spiritual education for children, alternative healing methods, the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono technique, the world financial crisis and metaphysics were among the subjects she covered. She had great skill in taking a topic, getting enthusiastic about it, and then communicating the information simply and accessibly in her own style. 

Many people in the UK took the opportunity to attend her seminars, where she shared her enthusiasm with a gentle natural grace. Everyone at Hay House found her an absolute joy to work with and we will all miss her light and inspiration.

We send our thoughts to her husband, Manfred, and two children at this time. Manfred is committed to continuing to bring Barbel’s inspiration into this world.


"We were shocked to hear of Barbel Mohr’s passing. Very sad news. She was such a lovely person and definitely one of our favourite speakers. It was a privilege to have known her."

- Richard Dunkerley at Alternatives

"I really liked Barbel. I considered her a very warm, spirited, funny, and gentle person."

- David R. Hamilton