9 Days to Feel Fantastic


9 Days to Feel Fantastic How to Create Happiness from the Inside Out – By John Whiteman

When was the last time that you felt truly happy? Free, joyful, at peace with yourself and everything around you, enjoying every second for what it was? Now imagine what it would be like if you could experience those feelings all the time, and not just in passing moments or special circumstances. With this book, and in just nine days, you can. Containing all the elements needed for daily balance and positive forward momentum, 9 Days to Feel Fantastic is a practical step-by-step guide that will take you on a fabulous journey to a more energetic and fulfilled way of living that will stay with you forever.

For nine days you will be introduced to a new element each day and by following a simple plan and doing the exercises provided, you will easily incorporate these elements into your life. By using these nine simple but effective elements as tools to self-regulate your energy and emotions, you will start to experience how they create happiness from the inside out. Progressively you will incorporate five elements for emotional balance and three elements to give you momentum. The ninth element encapsulates all the elements and helps you learn the art of being present.

About the Author: John Whiteman

John WhitemanJohn is an inspirational speaker in both business and personal development. His first book 9 Days toFeel Fantastic is about how to bring 9 Elements into your life, which will create happiness from the inside out. Through his work John has found that, when incorporated into your life, these 9 Elements lift your energy vibration, make you happier, and help you to find and live ...

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Meet the Author

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Press Reviews

  • Women's Fitness magazine

    A step-by-step guide to boosting the feel-good factor.

  • Soul & Spirit

    This uplifting book is a must for those who are ruled by their emotions, and feel like life is passing them by. Featuring a nine-step plan to give you the necessary tools to feel more fulfilled, it includes simple exercises you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. It definitely gets the tumbs up from us

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  • Publication Date: 2nd Apr '12