Frequently asked questions

    1. How do I place an order if I don't have a credit card?
      Unfortunately we do not accept cheques or money orders.
    2. Does Hay House offer discounts to wholesalers?
      Yes, please contact our main office line to speak to Karen Mann, our Sales Office Executive, on (+44) 0333 240 2480 or
    3. Does Hay House or Louise Hay offer classes?
      Louise Hay has retired from her daily work and no longer offers classes. Click here to view our Lectures and Events section for a list of events in your area.
    4. Does Hay House or Louise Hay recommend therapists?
      Louise Hay appreciates that you trust her judgement, although she doesn't recommend any one therapist.
    5. How do I become a Hay House author?
      Please view our manuscript submission guidelines. (For information about our self-publishing division, please visit Balboa Press.)
    6. How do I submit a product idea, such as a card deck, CD, or DVD?
      We are currently accepting proposals for books only.
    7. How do I reproduce material from a Hay House work?
      E-mail with the exact text you would like to use, its source, and the context in which you would like to use it. We will evaluate your request and respond as soon as possible.
    8. I found a typo in a Hay House book. Whom do I contact to have it fixed?
      You may e-mail the with specific details about the error. Include the title, page number, the paragraph and line it’s in, and any other information that would be helpful.
    9. How do I contact a Hay House author?
      You may send a letter addressed to their attention at Hay House UK; 33 Notting Hill Gate, Astley House, London, W11 3JQ. We forward correspondence to them.
    10. Does Hay House offer marketing, distribution, translation, or editorial services?
      We do not offer any of the above services to non–Hay House authors.
    11. Does Hay House have Foreign Distribution?
      Yes, please contact the distributor closest to you.