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Following a sell-out of their first ever show together, the UK’s most accurate medium and foremost angel expert are back to share their amazing insights and spiritual gifts!


Gordon Smith and Kyle Gray will be reuniting at the magnificent Monastery in Manchester. Formerly the home of Franciscan monks, The Monastery is now open to the public and sits alongside the Taj Mahal, Macchu Picchu and the ancient ruins of Pompeii as having been listed in the 100 most endangered sites in the world, prior to its 2007 restoration.

Join Gordon Smith and Kyle Gray for a full-day workshop where you will connect with your angels and experience the fascinating phenomenon of mediumship.

To mark this special encore event, Gordon and Kyle will both be doing exclusive live readings and we would like to invite you to enjoy lunch on us!
Please note that the price of your ticket includes a cajun chicken or roast vegetable wrap that will be homemade on the day at the venue’s Friars Pantry. Hot and cold drinks, crisps and other snacks will be available for you to purchase on the day.

We are also offering exclusive goody bags to all Premier ticket holders!

Kyle Gray

Your angels want nothing more than to have a relationship with you. Their unlimited guidance and constant support is readily available to you. You and your angels both came from the same creator, and deep within you exists this seed of connection that you have an opportunity to develop. Connecting with your angels is a gift, a gift that is yours to harness and unlock.

In this powerful session, Kyle Gray will lead you through simple yet powerful techniques that will help you create a psychic and spiritual connection with your angels. Learn how to open your spiritual senses, let down the barriers that hold back your gifts and feel safe within your angels’ arms.

You’ll be guided through meditations and techniques that will help you learn who your guardian angel is, how the angels can support your psychic and spiritual development and how you can channel powerful and healing messages for yourself, your family and your friends.

Are you ready to move beyond the limitations that stand between you and a deeply profound connection with the angels? If the answer is YES, this workshop is for you.

Kyle Gray is an angel expert with a remarkable spiritual connection and is one of the most sought-after specialists in his field. Growing up, Kyle always had an ability to hear, feel and see what goes beyond the natural senses, which eventually led him to discovering the power and love of angels. Now Kyle speaks around the world,  reintroducing the idea of angels and spirituality in an accessible way and believes he can bring ancient spiritual knowledge in a modern way to help the reader of today. He is the author of five books, including The Angel Whisperer and Raise Your Vibration.

Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith is an astoundingly accurate medium, and renowned for his ability to pinpoint not only addresses, street names and places but also exact names of people. During this workshop Gordon will demonstrate through a series of exercises how you can begin to connect to the spirit world and form a closer relationship with the spirits that are stepping forward to communicate with you. You are likely to experience a profound connection to the spirit guide that has been with you since you were born. Gordon will use meditation and attunement exercises to further your understanding of the difference between psychic ability and mediumship. You will also experience clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and gain a deeper awareness of your mediumship abilities.

In his warm and accessible style of teaching Gordon will encourage you to take the first steps towards increasing your spiritual awareness and beginning to trust the truth of your own experiences.

This is an amazing opportunity to join one of the world’s most accurate mediums for a fascinating journey into the metaphysical world.

Gordon Smith, an ex-barber from Glasgow, has a unique natural gift of spiritual communication and is the author of several bestselling books on mediumship, including The Unbelievable Truth. He travels the world teaching, demonstrating his abilities, and offering healing and comfort to thousands of people.

Join Gordon Smith and Kyle Gray for this exciting day with angels and spirits, there will be live readings from both on the day!

*Gordon Smith photo courtesy of Angela Nott.

Premier ticket holders will enjoy seating closest to the stage and exclusive goody bags!

Event schedule

9-10am: Registration
10am–12:15pm: Kyle Gray
12:15–1:15pm: Lunch
1:15–1:45pm: Q&A session
1:45–4pm: Gordon Smith
4–5pm: Live audience readings from Gordon & Kyle
5–6pm: Signing session

Important venue and lunch information

From Manchester Piccadilly, this magnificent site is just 5 minutes by car or taxi, or a 10-minute bus ride that stops directly across the street. Click here for a map and detailed directions by car, rail and bus.

We invite you to enjoy lunch at the venue’s cafe, the Friar's Pantry, as the closest restaurants are a 2-5 minute drive. Your ticket includes your choice of a cajun chicken or roast vegetable wrap, which will be home-made on the day. Hot and cold drinks, crisps and other food will be available for you to purchase on the day. You are, of course, able to go off site if you prefer to eat at a restaurant. You are not able to bring your own food or drink on to the premises on the day.

Please contact Lauren at The Monastery 0161 223 3211 if have any queries or dietary requirements.


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