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An In-depth and Practical Inquiry on the Instinctual Drives of each Enneagram Type.

Russ will share his latest research on how the three instincts – Self-Preservation, Sexual (Attraction) and Social (Adaptation) – highly influence the nine Enneagram Types. “Learning how the instincts influence you is vital to your psychological development and spiritual work,” says Russ. “Many students find learning about the Instincts as exciting and helpful as when they first learned about their Enneagram Type.”

Russ will clarify and deepen your understanding of the three Instincts, by showing how they play out in your relationships, your health, your prosperity, your happiness, and your spiritual journey. Russ will also help you identify your own instinctual “stack’ which is vital for undoing unhealthy repetitive personality patterns.

“Recognising ways we give energy to certain needs while neglecting others helps you integrate deeper experiences of Essence and Being. Doing this Inner Work invites profound experiences of Spirit that will bless our lives more fully.”
Russ Hudson

“Learning about the Instincts increases three-fold the benefits of working with the Enneagram. I’m thrilled Russ has agreed to run this program which I look forward to attending for my own personal growth”
Robert Holden

In Instincts & Enneagram, Russ will employ experiential exercises, meditation, movement work, and music to help us recognise ways that the instincts express themselves in our lives. We will also explore concrete methods for bringing greater balance to our instinctual life.

NOTE: No previous experience of The Enneagram is necessary. We do recommend you take an Enneagram Test available here: Please contact us for more details.