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Leadership is everybody’s business today. How are you being called to take a lead in your life and work at present? Leadership isn’t just a role, a position or a pay-grade; it’s a way of being. In this sense, leadership is a hero’s journey, as Joseph Campbell says, in which you answer your soul’s calling, face your fears, slay inner doubts, and, ultimately, fulfil your life’s purpose. Robert and Russ draw on their experience of working with leaders from all fields of life, including entrepreneurs, CEOs, artists, educators and coaches.

They will use the lens of the Enneagram to focus on:


Exploring the higher purpose of each Type.

Challenges & Strengths

Encountering fears and obstacles to success.

Leadership Styles

How the Types express leadership in life and work.

Nine Leadership Lessons

We can all learn, regardless of our Type.

NOTE: No previous experience of The Enneagram is necessary. We do recommend you take an Enneagram Test available here: Please contact us for more details.