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    Life Loves You Workshop - London Life Loves You Workshop - London
    with Robert Holden
    07/11/2015 - 07/11/2015
    by Robert Holden, Ph.D.
    Join Robert Holden for this powerful one-day workshop and transform your approach to life! In this inspiring workshop, Robert will explain how you can apply practices to your life so that you can truly understand that life loves you.

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    Raise Your Vibration and Empower Your Spirit - London Raise Your Vibration and Empower Your Spirit - London
    A one-day workshop with Sonia Choquette
    21/11/2015 - 21/11/2015

    Join Sonia Choquette in London and discover powerful tools and techniques for raising your vibration and living an authentic and empowered life.

    The vibration of your body at every level, physical and non-physical, has a profound influence on your ability to attract positive, healing experiences. When your personal vibration is high, everything in your life improves quickly: you become physically stronger, more vibrant and healthier, and like a magnet you attract the things you desire most! Raising your vibration awakens your heart intelligence and puts you in touch with your Spirit, your true and authentic Self, so you become more creative, intuitive and empowered.

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    Happiness & The Enneagram Happiness & The Enneagram
    Nine meditations on living a joyful life - a 3-Day Course
    04/12/2015 - 06/12/2015
    by Robert Holden, Ph.D.
    Happiness & The Enneagram is a new course that uses the timeless wisdom of the Enneagram to help you experience greater joy in your life, work and relationships.

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    Heal Your Life Workshop Leader Training - Birmingham Heal Your Life Workshop Leader Training - Birmingham
    16/07/2016 - 23/07/2016
    by Patricia Crane Ph.D.
    Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader Training. Become a licensed Heal Your Life® workshop leader in Louise Hay's powerful philosophy.

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