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    Being Myself - Dublin Being Myself - Dublin
    An Evening Workshop with Anita Moorjani
    Discover how to love yourself for who you are, not for who the world wants you to be!
    You will never fully be who you are or express your truth unless you can love yourself and accept yourself unconditionally. In this powerful evening workshop, Anita Moorjani, the bestselling author of Dying to Be Me, will offer step-by-step processes to do exactly that. Join Anita for this transformational evening and discover how to truly be yourself!

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    What If This Is Heaven? What If This Is Heaven?

    Join Anita Moorjani for this enlightening workshop and discover how you can experience Heaven on Earth!

    It can be challenging to truly be ourselves, but leading an authentic life is the key to experiencing Heaven on Earth. During this transformational workshop Anita Moorjani will highlight the cultural ideas that keep us locked in a life of fear, guilt and shame and will explain how to replace these debilitating beliefs with concepts, ideas and behaviours that will empower you with new-found strength, ability and authenticity.

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    Hay House Ignite Hay House Ignite
    In Partnership with Psychologies Magazine

    The tribe is gathering. Come and learn from the incredible teachers at the leading edge of the wellness revolution!

    Be there for Wellness Warrior Kris Carr's first ever UK appearance; dream your way to self-love with lucid dreaming coach Charlie Morley; learn to live vibrantly with Gala Darling; discover your higher path with light worker Rebecca Campbell; find your tribe with Lucy Sheridan & Jo Westwood, aka #HigherSelfie; disengage from the stresses of everyday life with Body Calm author Sandy Newbigging, and become unstoppable with all day energy courtesy of Flexi Foodie Julie Montagu. All this in one unforgettable day.

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    Animal Communication Workshop with Pea Horsley Animal Communication Workshop with Pea Horsley
    Discover a world of Truth, Love and Enlightenment through Meaningful Relationships with our Co-inhabitants

    Communication with animals is not mysterious or just in films; it’s down-to-earth and accessible to everyone. This experiential day can be a life-changing experience, helping you find a way back to a meaningful existence with yourself and the other animals who co-inhabit this planet.

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    Angel World Summit 2016 – London Angel World Summit 2016 – London

    The Angel World Summit will bring together the world’s leading Angel experts for an incredible day designed to bring you closer to the Angels. This is a great opportunity to deepen your connection with the Angels, receive the latest Angelic guidance and meet a wonderful community of like-minded people.

    The day includes in-depth workshops with Diana Cooper, Kyle Gray, Radleigh Valentine and Lorna Byrne in which you will experience powerful guided meditations, group exercises and live angel readings.

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    I CAN DO IT! Birmingham I CAN DO IT! Birmingham

    Awaken to new possibilities and create a life you love at I Can Do It!® Birmingham! The world famous I Can Do It! weekend is coming to Birmingham for the first time ever bringing, amongst others, world renowned speakers and authors Marianne Williamson and Bruce H. Lipton!

    Give yourself and everyone else in your life the gift of a healthier, happier you! Say YES to being your best self and join us at I Can Do It!® Birmingham.

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    Neale Donald Walsch London 2016 Neale Donald Walsch London 2016
    In this one-day workshop the bestselling author of Conversations with God will share 7 steps to make God real in your life.

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