Love Not Smoking: Do Something Different
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Love Not Smoking: Do Something Different

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Publication Date 25/02/2011
ISBN 9781848503250

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You want to quit smoking - but think it's going to be hell.

Giving up smoking doesn't have to be hell. Forget willpower and withdrawal, Love Not Smoking helps you put back into your life everything that smoking has sucked out of it, and helps you give up for good.

You won't miss smoking because you'll discover how to train your brain to anticipate different rewards. You'll love swapping old habits for new revitalising ones that don't trigger you to light up. You'll delight in having novel ways to relieve stress and get pleasure from life. You'll experience an invigorating personal development journey as well as quitting. And you'll love not smoking.

You love someone who smokes - and you want them to quit.

Help that special someone in your life to quit the habit. Nagging doesn't work. They need your understanding, love and support - and something that will make quitting painless. Give them this book to show that you care enough to want them to quit. To show that what really, really matters in life is love, not smoking.