The Four Agreements: Learning to Love Yourself by don Miguel Ruiz

    The Four Agreements: Learning to Love Yourself

    by  don Miguel Ruiz

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    Join don Miguel Ruiz, the internationally renowned Toltec master and author of The Four Agreements, for this truly enlightening audio download lecture that will forever change the way you see yourself and the world around you.

    In this two-hour Audio Download Lecture, don Miguel will build on the profound wisdom in The Four Agreements and teach you how to develop love and compassion for yourself—no matter what your circumstances. Learn the importance of awareness, how to know what you really are, and how to make conscious choices that support yourself. By starting with yourself and self-love, your entire life is transformed, including your relationships, health, and career.

    Whether you’re struggling with self-limiting beliefs that rob you of joy, or just feel that something is missing in your life, the practical truths you learn with don Miguel will allow you to experience more happiness, freedom, and love. Living a new dream is truly possible.
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