The Good Skin Solution by Shann Nix Jones

    The Good Skin Solution

    Natural Healing for Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea and Acne

    by  Shann Nix Jones

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    Publisher: Hay House Inc

    Publication Date: 17/01/2017

    ISBN: 9781781808023

    Eczema is the most common skin disorder in the industrialized world. Roughly one-fifth of all children today suffer with eczema, some experiencing symptoms so severe that they look like burn victims.

    Until now, there has been no real solution to this problem. Steroid creams prescribed by doctors may keep symptoms at bay temporarily, but do not resolve the problem permanently; steroids may also cause topical steroid addiction with horrific consequences, if used over the long-term.
    And eczema seldom rides alone – it's part of a larger "allergic march." If your child has eczema, chances are that they will also develop food allergies, hay fever, and eventually, asthma.

    The good news is that the allergic march can be interrupted – and eczema, along with many other complicated skin conditions, can be resolved. Natural health author Shann Nix Jones healed her own son from eczema and her husband from an MRSA infection even when doctors couldn't help. The staggering revelation that Shann made is that eczema is not actually a skin condition – it's an autoimmune disorder. In order to heal the skin, you have to first heal the gut.

    In this book, Shann shares her natural healing wisdom on healing skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne, by healing the gut, in particular with the help of the probiotic drink kefir. You will learn astonishing things about new ways to care for your own body, your immune system, and your microbiome – the 2 kg of bacteria that sit inside your gut, and control the appearance and glowing health of your own skin. If you, or anyone you know, have been suffering from an ongoing skin condition, this book is the lifeline you’ve been waiting for.

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