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    The Way of Wyrd

    by Brian Bates
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    The Way of Wyrd by Brian Bates

    Publication Date: 04/02/2013

    ISBN: 9781781800171

    Product Description

    The compelling cult classic, now reissued in a brand new edition with a new introduction by Brian Bates. This bestselling fictionalized account of an Anglo-Saxon sorcerer and mystic is based on years of research by psychologist and university professor Brian Bates.

    Sent on a mission deep into the forests of pagan Anglo-Saxon England, Wat Brand, a Christian scribe, suddenly finds his vision of the world turned upside down. The familiar English countryside is not what it seems; threatening spirits, birds of omen and plants of power lurk in this landscape of unseen terrors and mysterious forces. With Wulf, a sorcerer and mystic, as his guide, Wat is instructed in the magical lore of plants, runes, fate and life force until finally he journeys to the spirit world on a quest to encounter the true nature of his own soul.

    An authentic and deeply compelling insight into the spiritual world of the Anglo-Saxons, it has inspired thousands of people to learn more about the ancient northern tradition. A spiritual classic!

    About the Author


    Brian Bates is the author of six international best-selling books, including The Real Middle-earth, The Way of Wyrd, The Human Face, and The Way of the Actor. He is leading the movement to recover imagination as a powerful tool in our personal and working life, and to bring it to the forefront of 21st century inspiration. His books and seminars bring together the insights of ancient European wisdom traditions with leading edge research in the mind-sciences, to deal with issues facing people in the modern world.

    Brian is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Brighton, the University of Sussex, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. His work on imagination includes his directing at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. There he trained future Academy Award winners and stars including Kenneth Branagh, Ralph Fiennes, Jane Horrocks, Sean Bean and Timothy Spall.

    Currently Brian has developed ways to teach imagination and performance in business settings. He lectures internationally to business, arts and general audiences, including a series of seminars on creativity jointly with actor John Cleese. Currently Research Director of the Christensen Foundation (Palo Alto) project on recovering the nature-based knowledge of ancient England, he is also Senior Adviser to the Ford Foundation funded project on worldwide indigenous wisdom - ‘The Council of Elders’ - working closely with tribal elders and medicine people to protect and document their knowledge. Brian was recently honored by these elders, who designated him a ‘wizard’ in recognition of his work in reconstructing the shamanic traditions of the Anglo-Saxons for application to life today.

    Born and educated in England, Brian then took degrees at the Universities of California, Berkeley, and Oregon, worked in Behavioral Sciences at Stanford Research Institute and at Cambridge University, England.