What If This Is Heaven? by Anita Moorjani

    What If This Is Heaven?

    How I Released My Limiting Beliefs and Really Started Living

    by  Anita Moorjani


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    Publisher: Hay House UK

    Publication Date: 13/09/2016

    ISBN: 9781781801994

    Having lived a near-death experience, Anita Moorjani knows well the truths that exist beyond common knowledge and acceptance. The clarity she has gained has led her to further understand who she was born to be.

    Part of that truth has involved contemplating the cultural myths infused into our everyday lives. Passed down from generation to generation, these myths are pervasive and influential. From the belief that we reap what we sow to the idea that we must always be positive, cultural myths are often accepted as truths without questioning. Anita asserts it is now time to question these cultural ideas in order to help us reach our fully informed, authentic selves.

    Anita explores these common myths in their real-world existence while presenting examples from her own life that reveal the falsehoods beneath the surface. By freeing ourselves from these ubiquitous expectations, we can break open an honest pathway to life as it was meant to be lived.
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