21 Days to Higher Energy by Doreen Virtue

    21 Days to Higher Energy

    by  Doreen Virtue, Robert Reeves, N.D.

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    Doreen and Robert (who are both 100 percent caffeine-free) show you wonderful ways to kick start your natural energy—not the chemically induced, roller-coaster kind but real energy that’s lasting and steady. This will fuel you to have the motivation and the strength to do what you came here to do.

    As you go along this path of higher energy, you’ll find that you start to care about yourself and detox from anything that’s negative or harsh. This process is like shining a spotlight on your life, taking inventory of what’s going on. You’ll discover that the spotlight always locates and identifies areas that need improvement. But you’ll look upon these changes as an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Small steps will lead to profound changes in your life. Each one will act as a catalyst, setting the next in motion—and accelerating your journey to higher energy.

    The benefit of going through this program really is feeling better about yourself. You’ll probably feel like a whole different person than when you started out—in the best possible way. And remember, you don’t have to stop at 21 days. In fact, the hope is that you make high energy your lifestyle. Once you put the time and effort into the practices Doreen and Robert talk about, the results speak for themselves. 

    When you're energized, you have an uplifting effect wherever you go. You experience a shift in your life, especially when you wake up, noticing that you have a clear mind-set and feel more compelled to do things that are on your priority list. 

    Don’t let the next 21 days go by with you still feeling stuck, sluggish, and stressed—seize this opportunity today . . . and start experiencing higher energy tomorrow!

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    Destressing and modeling high energy is a great tool to pass on to your children.

    ~Doreen Virtue

    What You'll Learn

    Week 1: Days 1 - 7

    You’ll feel inspired and motivated as Doreen and Robert take you through

    energy-boosting techniques involving:

    • The angels
    • Flowers
    • Meditation
    • Emotionally detoxing
    • Easy yoga moves
    • Nature therapy
    • Crystals

    Week 2: Days 8 - 14

    Continue your quest for new heights of energy as you learn about:

    • Energizing creative pursuits
    • Liquid energy
    • Practicing energetic discernment
    • “Clearing the air” using sage
    • Conscious shopping
    • Uplifting media choices
    • Tools for a good night’s sleep

    Week 3: Days 15 - 21

    In your final week of exciting lessons, you’ll explore:

    • Your life purpose, and the fulfillment it brings
    • Wise “energy investing”
    • An easy-does-it approach to higher energy
    • The blessings within everyday challenges
    • The power of words to keep your optimism and energy high
    • Tools and allies to lift the burden of guilt
    • How to honor your sensitive energy

    Bonuses: Bonuses

    Angel Detox eBook

    Detoxing with the help of your guardian angels is a gentle way to release fatigue, addictions, and impurities from your body. In Angel Detox, Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves teach you simple steps to increase your energy and mental focus, banish bloating, feel and look more youthful, and regain your sense of personal power. This book guides you on how to detox your diet, lifestyle, and relationships; reduce or eliminate cravings for unhealthful food and substances; feel motivated; and enjoy wellness in all areas of your life. It also includes 7-Day Detox Plans for those wanting to quit smoking or drinking, or to flush out environmental pollution.

    Audio Download: Awaken Your Intuitive Gifts Meditation

    Call upon your guardian angels and Archangel Michael to assist with reawakening your intuitive gifts in this uplifting and healing meditation. There are four main channels you will be guided to access in order to receive your Divine guidance: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance; with the help of Robert Reeves, you will be taken through a healing meditation to activate these Divine gifts in you. Your intuition is a powerful part of you helping give you direction and allowing you to understand the next step to take upon your journey. This meditation helps clear lower energies and any blocks preventing you from receiving intuitive insights so that you may clearly hear your life’s calling with a sense of peace, comfort, and wisdom.

    Audio Download: Pools of Divine Light Meditation

    Enjoy this progressive divine light meditation that bathes you in various sacred pools of colored light for healing. Guided by Robert Reeves, you will feel the energy of these pools dissolve tension, fear, and insecurities that are surrounding you. You will tap into your creativity and feel the energy of inspiration. This mediation infuses you with an energetic charge to help you access your courage and release all fears and worries about your ability to take the next step in your life.

    Audio Download: Angel Therapy Meditations

    This calming audio download allows you to open up to the miraculous power of the angels. Doreen will lead you through a powerfully healing Angel Therapy session. You'll work with archangels to release old blocks and toxins; cut cords of fear; heal past issues; and gain confidence, courage, and clarity about your life's purpose and relationships.

    In Course Webinar: In Course Webinar

    These in-course webinars allow you the unique opportunity to interact personally with Robert Reeves to ask questions, gain personalized insight about your situation and learn from others in the community. These LIVE webinars are only being offered within the course and are a rare chance to speak with Robert to help get you an in-depth understanding on the exercises, tools and techniques in this course.

    By sneha on Jun 18, 2017

    Brilliant energy increase, im on day 3 and i can see myself prioritizing more and eliminating what can be put on the back burner more easily! I also do feel a little more at ease cant wait to get through all 21 days. Thanks Doreen and Robert much love x

    By Mary on Jun 08, 2017

    Am on day 3 and am already feeling enlightened.