The Angel Path to Ascension by Diana Cooper

    The Angel Path to Ascension

    by  Diana Cooper

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    Are you searching for help – or the next step – on your spiritual journey? By connecting with the angelic realms, you can call in ascended beings to support you on your path, help you magnetize happiness and abundance, and fulfil your spiritual potential. In this remarkable eight-hour course, internationally renowned spiritual teacher and ascension expert Diana Cooper will help you elevate your frequency to the fifth dimension and hold more light than ever before with the loving energy of angels, archangels, unicorns, dragons and ascended masters by your side.

    This comprehensive online video course offers a unique opportunity to take an accelerated journey to ascension. Diana combines amazing spiritual wisdom with her fascinating personal experiences to assist you in developing a powerful relationship with the angelic realms. Alongside dozens of profound meditations, visualizations and prayers, this course packed with in-depth exercises and beautiful PDF worksheets to enhance your understanding and encourage you to put your new skills into action. Diana also shares the cornerstones of her teachings – her guided visualizations – as downloadable audios so you can tune in to the power of the universe and raise your vibration wherever you might be.

    When you are living as an ascended master, you’ll be able to:

    • Work with angels, archangels, dragons, unicorns and ascended masters whenever you need help or insight
    • Open, activate and anchor your 12 fifth-dimensional chakras to accelerate your spiritual development, and access the knowledge and lessons each chakra holds at a more profound level
    • Unlock dormant wisdom, knowledge, gifts and talents from the universe that contribute to a life of joy and service
    • See things from a different and enlightened perspective so you can clearly see how to move forward in any situation
    • Feel happier, more empowered and more fulfilled in all aspects of your life
    • Practise ascension qualities of love, kindness, generosity, honesty, integrity and understanding
    • Work toward your spiritual potential and fulfil your soul’s blueprint

    We all have the powerful spiritual potential to work for the highest good of ourselves and the world around us, and these comprehensive and informative video lessons distil accessible knowledge and advice that lead to a life of light and love.

    It’s time for you to step into your light, to fulfil your amazing potential and raise your frequency to a new spiritual level. Take your first steps on the glorious angel path to ascension and unlock the ancient wisdom and wonderful gifts within as you shift to a positive and enlightened perspective – this is not just for your own benefit, but for all of those on Earth and beyond.

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    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: The Foundation for Ascension

    Diana explains the history, principles and benefits of ascension, and introduces you to the core exercises, knowledge and practices you will need on your path to raising your vibration and light to the fifth dimension.  

    Lesson 2: Angels and Archangels

    Diana introduces the angels and archangels, and explains how you can connect and work with each of them to aid your ascension and the ascension of this planet. She teaches amazing visualizations that will help you to meet and commune with your personal guardian angel and six of the key archangels.

    Lesson 3: Archangels of Love and Wisdom

    As you work with the angels to raise your frequency, you will reawaken ancient knowledge, wisdom and talents that have rested dormant within you. In this lesson, Diana explains more about the wonderful archangels and their roles in your ascension, and shares powerful visualizations to connect with each of them for support and transformation in your daily life.

    Lesson 4: Anchoring Your 12 Chakras

    When you become fifth-dimensional, you can activate all 12 of your powerful energy centres to create a column connecting you from the Earth to Source, rather than just the seven chakras available to you at a third-dimensional level. Each chakra holds the lessons and challenges you must learn for your ascension. Diana teaches you to expand your aura, and anchor and light up your 12 fifth-dimensional chakras, enabling you to unlock the powerful spiritual gifts and talents that have been dormant within.

    Lesson 5: Unicorns

    The mission of the beautiful unicorns is to light your way to ascension through pouring high-frequency light and blessings over you. Diana shares how to enhance unicorn healing, how to stoke your etheric body and how to bless yourself and others with divine unicorn magic.

    Lesson 6: Dragons

    Dragons are wise, open-hearted beings that clear and transmute lower energies and prepare the way for higher frequencies so we can raise our vibration. Diana teaches powerful visualizations to connect with dragons and explains how you can ask them to help yourself and others for the highest good.

    Lesson 7: The Illumined Masters

    The Illumined Masters are amazing ascended beings who have faced challenges in their lifetimes as humans and display great compassion as they help us ascend through sharing their wisdom and knowledge. Diana introduces six of the Illumined Masters, and explains their roles, history and skills, and outlines how you can work with them for ascension.

    Lesson 8: Bathe in New Ascension Energies

    In this lesson, Diana shares powerful tools for ascension and provides visualizations so that you can connect with and use these powerful resources for light and for the highest good. 

    Next Steps: Conclusion

    Once you have achieved the required level of light through practicing the visualizations and connecting with the amazing angels, archangels, dragons, unicorns and illumined masters, receiving their gifts of wisdom and knowledge, you will be able to call yourself an ascended master. You have been on an illuminating, transformational journey, and must now take on the responsibilities of an ascended master and help others on their path for the highest good. 

    Bonuses and In-Course webinar:

    By Melissa on Aug 15, 2018

    I'm in love with this course and I refer back to it again and again and using all the meditations. I've been working on my ascension path for years, but this really puts it all together in a way that is beyond helpful. The meditations & information make a true change in your daily experience with yourself, others and the divine.

    By Ann on Jun 13, 2018

    It was such a joy being immersed into Diana Cooper's course which is beautifully designed--the lovely, serene videos of Diana, the angelic music and the visually impactful worksheets. I truly found this course so helpful on my spiritual journey. Thank you!