Angel Prayer Meditations by Kyle Gray

    Angel Prayer Meditations

    Harnessing the Help of Heaven to Create Miracles

    by  Kyle Gray

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    Publisher: Hay House UK

    Publication Date: 14/05/2014

    ISBN: 9781781803837

    Connecting to your angels is a two way process. The first step is through prayer; the second step is through meditation. If prayer is speaking, meditation is listening. In Angel Prayers Meditations, Kyle Gray will guide you through a series of powerful meditations that will help you connect to your Guardian Angels and the Archangel realm. You will be gently guided to clear your energy and mind of unwanted thoughts and challenges, to focus your intentions and manifest positive resolutions in your life, and to find out who your Guardian Angel is and what messages they have for you at this time. This CD features five amazing meditations:

    • Morning meditation: Greet the day with the angels
    • Guardian Angel Meditation: Begin to hear the words your Guardian Angel wants to share with you
    • Open Your Heart Meditation: Let the angels show you the infinite love and abundance that surrounds you
    • Manifesting Miracles Meditation: Find support for your manifesting goals from the angelic realm
    • Evening Energy Clearing Meditation: End the day with the restful, soothing words of the angels.

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