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Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz started her 'traditional' career as a journalist in 2001, working her way up from producer and news reader in regional South Australia to senior producer at ABC Sydney. And then, along came babies.For the first few years, she found herself simply pushing harder to chase those old beliefs of success. Amy's attempts at 'having it all' came crumbling down when, at 28 weeks pregnant with her third child, she found herself in early labour and at risk of bringing a very small and premature baby into this world. Her addiction to busy-ness had finally caught up with her and she accepted she had to slow down. Since the birth of her healthy baby boy at 38 weeks, Amy has slowly stepped back from her career, and is now dedicated to changing the conversation about motherhood and womanhood around the world.

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