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Susan Pearse

Susan Pearse
<p>Susan Pearse will change the way you think. A quarter life crisis and a chance meeting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama led to the discovery of her life&rsquo;s purpose: to wake up the world. She developed the best-selling range of Mind Gardener&reg; Guides, found at <a href="" target="_blank" title="Susan Pearse"></a>, with co-author Martina Sheehan, and their book <em>Wired for Life: Retrain Your Brain and Thrive </em>has often been quoted as enabling people to make immediate changes to things they have struggled with for years.&nbsp; They run sell-out workshops across Australia and are renowned leadership experts who help people move from success to significance. Susan is the voice of a new movement, motivating people to act now to save their most fragile and precious resource: attention. She is passionate about the fact that just one moment of full attention is enough to wake up and live fully.</p>

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