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Talayah Stovall

Talayah Stovall
<p>Talayah G. Stovall is an author, speaker, trainer and certified life purpose coach. Through her keynotes, workshops, coaching, newsletter, and radio show, Talayah empowers people to use their passion to live their purpose and achieve their personal and professional goals. She has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration in Marketing. She is the President of TGrace and Managing Director of Vision Catalyst Consulting. She is also an adjunct instructor of public speaking at Columbia College. Her previous works include <em>Crossing the Threshold, 150 Important Questions You Should Ask Before You Say &ldquo;I Do,&rdquo; P.U.M.P. It Up!,</em> and <em>7 Secrets to Ignite Your Dreams</em>.&nbsp; Her signature coaching and workshop programs include 5 Weeks to Personal Breakthrough and Pen Your Purpose. Talayah has been featured twice in Ebony magazine. She lives in Chicago. </p>

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