The De-Stress Effect by Charlotte Watts

    The De-Stress Effect

    Rebalance Your Body's Systems for Vibrant Health and Happiness

    by  Charlotte Watts

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    Publisher: Hay House UK

    Publication Date: 02/03/2015

    ISBN: 9781781804858

    Slim and calm. Those short words are two of the most sought-after results many people - especially women - hope for from a new health regime. Yet in reality what they often get is irritability and weight that refuses to stay off.

    The De-Stress Effect turns the powerful - now well-proven - connection between stress and excess weight to your advantage, showing you how you can eat, relax and gently exercise your way to a better body for life.

    Presenting the latest research on the huge impact that an over-production of cortisol has on our bodies and how we can heal this cycle, it will:

    • help you release excess weight and free yourself from the physical and mental effects of stress without starving, counting calories or overexercising
    • bring you the new science of smart, not hard, fitness that calms, energizes and sculpts the body
    • introduce you to revolutionary and satisfying high-nutrition, low-stress eating that is simple and fits in with your life, your family and your diary!

    With a six-week food plan, mindfulness practices, yoga sequences and exercise routines, this book will soothe you back to a happier, healthier you, whatever your life's demands.

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