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Healing Through the Power of Transformation with Anita Moorjani (General)

Join Anita Moorjani for The Transformational Power of Healing where she will be sharing brand new ways for you to connect with your higher self and source energy, so that you can have your own transformative experience.
Regular Price £129.00 HayHouse.co.uk £89.00 (save 31.01%)

Book now to receive 'Unconditional Love', an exclusive free meditation from Anita! Anita created this powerful meditation to help you connect with your higher self and source energy, so that you can have your own transformative experience. The more you connect with the part of yourself that exists in the other realm, the more you will feel guided as you live your day-to-day life in the physical realm.

List Price: £129.00
Early Bird Price: £89.00 (save 31%) sale ends Jan 19, 2038
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Event Details

Note: Premier ticket holders will enjoy the next seating closest to the stage and a special goody bag worth £40!

*VIP ticket holders will enjoy seating in the first two rows, an exclusive goody bag worth £50 and receive an invitation to a private Meet and Greet with Anita! This will take place within walking distance from the event venue and you will have the opportunity to have a photo with Anita and a personal book signing. There will be two Meet and Greet times: Lunch break (from the start of the lunch break) includes tea/coffee and biscuits, or Evening (6:30-7:30pm) includes a free drink and nibbles. Once you’ve purchased your VIP ticket you will be allocated a Meet and Greet time, you may send timing requests to events@hayhouse.co.uk

If you haven't heard Anita speak before, you're in for a treat! She is a natural-born speaker and was thrust into the global speaking circuit by Dr Wayne Dyer, who discovered her story.

Over the years, Anita's work has continued to develop and grow, and during this day-long workshop, she will be unveiling some of her newest work from her ever-evolving repertoire! She has a knack for expressing mystical knowledge in a simple, down-to-earth and practical manner, making it comprehensible and easy to follow for everyone. The day will comprise of meditations, practice and content that has been purposefully designed for this workshop, to help participants delve deeper into her work and connect it to their own healing process.

Anita will take her participants on a journey to uncover the roots of their issues through her sessions and deep meditations. Her work has helped countless people over the globe to attain healing and wellness. If you are struggling to recover from physical conditions, her guided journey will help you discover what's preventing restoration from taking place, so that you can heal.

During her meditations, Anita uses sound healing therapy specifically designed to elicit a deep awakening. She will also illuminate some of the mysteries behind transformational experiences and healing, making them easier to understand and more accessible for you, so that you can continue to stay in that space long after you have left the safe arena of the workshop environment.

For the many people suffering not only from physical illness, but also on a mental and emotional level, Anita will take participants on a healing journey that will empower and offer healing techniques to uncover the roots of their issues. Guided meditations with healing therapy for deep awakening will be used, along with practical techniques, to transform your life and help you heal both on a physical as well as spiritual level.

During the course of this workshop, you have the opportunity to benefit from the following.

You Will:

  • expand your beliefs on what your body is capable of achieving, and see and feel healing taking place
  • learn how to create an optimal home environment to facilitate healing
  • be given the opportunity to uncover some of your deepest fears
  • uncover some of the blocks that have prevented you from healing in the past, or have caused dis-ease to reoccur
  • learn how to journal in a way that releases deep emotions and fears
  • learn the power of love and its impact on your health
  • learn how to become the highest ideal of your authentic self
  • learn that sensitivity and empathy are strengths (not weaknesses), and be taught tools to use these traits in a way that serves you, instead of limiting you
  • be taken on several deep guided meditations, including one through your own NDE, to gain your own insights
  • listen to the signals that your body sends you, to help identify any illnesses or ailments, what they are communicating with you, and how to clear them
  • learn the mystery of healing and receive insightful information, not only on how to heal yourself but also on those limiting beliefs that hold you back from true healing
  • learn how to support loved ones going through dis-ease
  • learn how to best support yourself as you support others in their journey, if you are a health care giver in any capacity
  • learn to recharge your battery, recognise what drains you and how to stop giving your power away
  • why true transformation is elusive to so many, and how to attain it and hold on to it.

Anita Moorjani is an international speaker and author of New York Times bestseller Dying to Be Me, which has sold over a million copies worldwide, and What If This Is Heaven? Anita has dedicated her life to empowering the minds and hearts of people with her story of courage and transformation. She travels the world speaking her truth with grace and humour to sold-out audiences who want to learn of her journey and experiences of embracing change, the power of healing, and the quest to live a full and unlimited life.


9–10am: Registration
10am–1pm: Morning Session (will include a morning break)
1–2:30pm: Lunch
2:30-4:30pm: Afternoon Session
4:30-5:30pm: Book Signing

*All times are subject to change.

Please note that lunch is not provided.

Location & Accommodations

About the Venue
City Hall, Bristol
Bristol, BS1 5TR, United Kingdom
City Hall, Bristol
College Green
Bristol, BS1 5TR
United Kingdom

Registration Information


Important information about your passes:

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Venue Seating Description

This event is open seating within your ticket type - first come, first served.

Premier and General Seating

Premier seating is closest to the stage and ticket holders will receive a special goody bag on the day.

General seating does not include a goody bag.

Books/Conference Materials

Out on-site conference bookshop will offer a wide selection of specially priced books, audio programmes, and gifts.

Autograph Session

Anita will autograph her books at the conclusion of the event. For more information, please visit the onsite bookshop on the day.


We are committed to making our events accessible to all individuals. Should you require any information or assistance prior to your arrival, please email events@hayhouse.co.uk or call 020 3675 2450. REFUNDS AND TERMS & CONDITIONS

Tickets are non-refundable, however we will happily exchange any Hay House UK event ticket for a credit note, up to 30 days prior to the event. Credit notes will be valid for all future Hay House UK events within 12 months, subject to ticket availability. Between two and 30 days prior to the event, Hay House will consider requests for an exchange on an individual basis. All requests must be submitted by email to events@hayhouse.co.uk.

Please note you must be 18 years old or over to attend this event.

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