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“The Enneagram is the most powerful system I know for releasing inner blocks to creativity, inspiration and abundance.” Robert Holden

EVERYDAY ABUNDANCE is a 3-day program on which you will work with the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram to undo inner blocks to abundance and live a life you love.

“The Enneagram reminds you that your soul nature is creative and naturally abundant;” teaches Robert, “whereas the ego gets stuck in fear (energy blocks), fixations (mental blocks) and passions (emotional blocks) that stop you flourishing.

Through powerful meditations and exercises, the Enneagram helps you rediscover your divine inheritance and find your flow.”

In Everyday Abundance, Robert presents a rich tapestry of inquiries, meditations and spiritual practices to help you experience everyday abundance. The workshop features an introduction to each Ennea-type and also Enneagram Panels.

Key themes include:

  • Original Grace – aligning with the “untypeable” nature of your soul.
  • Dysfunctional Independence – stop trying to do it all by yourself!
  • Life Loves You – letting life help you on your soul journey.
  • Basic Openness – nothing is too good to be true!
  • The Beautiful Ordinary – recognizing the gifts in each moment.
  • Milk the Sacred Now – cultivating a new relationship with now.
  • The Receiving Meditation – becoming a better receiver.
  • Being Present – when you think something is missing; maybe it’s You!

NOTE: No previous experience of the Enneagram is necessary for this course. We recommend, however, you take an Enneagram Test to benefit more fully, a test can be taken on the Enneagram Institute website.