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“The Enneagram is the most powerful system I know for releasing inner blocks to creativity, inspiration and abundance.” -- Robert Holden

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EVERYDAY ABUNDANCE is a 3-day program on which you will work with the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram to undo inner blocks to abundance and live a life you love.

Join Robert in London for this special 3-day retreat, using the wisdom of the Enneagram to help undo inner blocks to love, happiness and success.

On EVERYDAY ABUNDANCE, Robert will present a rich tapestry of inquiries, meditations and spiritual practices to help you flourish and thrive. He will give an introduction to each Ennea-type using a mix of storytelling, poetry, film-clips and theatre.  He will also conduct Enneagram Panels, in which you will dive deeper into each of the nine types.

The Enneagram teaches us that our soul nature is naturally abundant and creative; whereas the ego experiences lack and limitation due to three main types of blocks which are 1) basic fears like “of being worthless”; 2) passions (suffering around the heart) such as envy and resentment; and 3) fixations, which are mental habits that block abundance.

On EVERYDAY ABUNDANCE Robert will share nine powerful Soul Meditations – one for each point on the Enneagram – that help you experience greater abundance in your relationships, work and life. Key themes include:

  • Original blessing – experiencing what money can’t buy!
  • Self-acceptance – how self-acceptance actives the law of attraction.
  • Basic Openness – accepting that nothing is too good to be true.
  • The Receiving Meditation – becoming a better receiver.
  • Dissolving Barriers – letting go of what holds you back.
  • Milking the Sacred Now – cultivating a happy relationship with now.
  • Dysfunctional Independence – stop trying to do it all by yourself!
  • Life Loves You – letting life help you in delightful & surprising ways.
  • Being Present – when you think something is missing maybe it’s you!

Robert's goal with EVERYDAY ABUNDANCE is to teach you a soul-centered approach to abundance in which you make an inner shift from “getting what I want” to “being who I really am.” It’s a shift from “I want” to “I AM”. With this shift you stop trying so hard to “attract” and “manifest” more stuff; and you discover that by manifesting more of who you really are (your soul nature) you naturally attract more of what you need and love.

Your abundance is your gift to the world. When you say YES to abundance you naturally have more love, more joy and more peace to share with your family, children, friends, strangers, enemies and everyone else!

NOTE: No previous experience of the Enneagram is necessary for this course. We recommend, however, you take an Enneagram Test to benefit more fully, a test can be taken on the Enneagram Institute website.