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    Crystals Made Easy by Judy Hall

    Crystals Made Easy

    7-Lesson Online Video Course

    by  Judy Hall

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    Learn how to work with Crystals to enhance your life

    Crystals have been revered for thousands of years as amazing tools that can offer us physical and emotional healing, help us to manifest our desires, offer us answers to our questions, and support us to follow our calling.

    Crystals are here to teach us, and they have incredible gifts and wisdom to share - are you ready to accept their support to help you live the life you desire?

    This exclusive online course includes:

    • Seven video lessons with renowned crystal expert Judy Hall 
    • A full-colour crystal glossary to help you identify the different gems
    • Downloadable audio meditations 
    • PDFs to help you build your starter kit, work with the chakras and create your own crystal grids 
    • A step-by-step guide to creating crystal essences

    We're offering an accessible and very practical course with crystal expert Judy Hall, full of powerful techniques and exercises, including step-by-step instructions for choosing the crystals that are right for you, and cleansing, programming and working with these beautiful stones.

    The more you work with crystals, the clearer it will become to you that they are here to support our healing and happiness, and want to help us to balance our energies and reach our full potential. Judy will take you through the crystals she uses herself on a daily basis, and guide you on how to work with them to protect your energy and manifest the changes you desire. From designing cystal grids to creating amazing potions, this is a masterclass in working with crystals.

    "Crystals have been used for protection, divination, and healing in every region of the world for at least 7,000 years."


    CrystalDuring the seven-lesson course,
    you'll learn:

    • The history of crystals
    • How to choose your crystals
    • Tools for cleansing, programming and grounding
    • How to create beautiful crystal layouts
    • How to make powerful crystal essences
    • How to use crystals for space clearing and protection  
    • Techniques for emotional and mental healing
    • How to communicate with crystal skulls and access a higher consciousness
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    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: Choosing your Crystals

    Learn about the crystals that make up the perfect kit for those starting out, and the many ways that you can use them. Some crystals are fantastic for a number of purposes, while others have particular strengths that can aid you in a very focused way. There are a variety of techniques you can use to select your crystals, and in this lesson you will discover the ways to work out which crystals are best for you.

    Videos: The Ultimate Crystals Starter Kit; Different Ways To Choose Crystals; Judy’s Essential Crystals

    PDF: Crystals Glossary

    Lesson 2: Cleansing, Programming and Grounding

    One of the most important things you can learn when starting to work with crystals is how to cleanse them. Once you have done this, it’s important to develop a strong practice of grounding your energies before getting to work. Here you will learn how to do this, as well as discovering how you can program your crystals and ask them to work with you for specific purposes.

    Videos: Great Ways To Cleanse And Charge; How To Program And Attune; Grounding

    PDF: Getting To Know Your Crystals

    Lesson 3: Crystal Shapes and Formations

    Crystals come in all kinds of sizes and shapes, but it may surprise you to learn that bigger crystals aren’t necessarily more powerful than small crystals. In this lesson you’ll discover what shapes work well for different aims, how you can create beautiful layouts to work with, and what differences there are between natural or treated crystals.

    Videos: Size, Stars And Pyramids; Different Shapes For Different Purposes

    PDF: The Effect Of Shape

    Lesson 4: Crystal Essences

    Once you have developed a basic understanding of crystals and how we can work with their energies, you can start to take your learning further by making powerful crystal essences. Discover how to do this safely, even with fragile or toxic crystals, and learn the step-by-step process to creating one of Judy’s favorite healing potions.

    Videos: How To Create Wonderful Potions; Making Shungite Water

    PDF: Crystal Essences – Step-By-Step

    Lesson 5: Space Clearing and Protection

    Crystals have incredible abilities to cleanse the energy of a place and to protect your own energy. Learn how to balance the energies of your home, deal with any negative energies, and neutralize the effect of too many electronics. In this lesson Judy will also teach you how to use crystals, along with your own intuition, to send healing to a particular region.

    Videos: Cleaning The Energy; Earth Healing With A Map

    PDF: Laying Out Different Grids

    Audio: Revitalizing The Earth Meditation

    Lesson 6: Using Crystals to Heal

    The more you work with crystals, the clearer it will become to you that one of their greatest desires is to support us with our personal healing. This lesson is a masterclass in crystal healing, taking you through everything you need to know to start practicing it for yourself. You will learn how to apply these techniques to emotional and mental healing, as well as gaining an understanding of how to work on the physical body.

    Videos: Cleansing The Aura; Balancing The Chakras; Stimulating The Immune System; Using Layouts For Emotional Healing; Using Layouts For Mental Healing

    PDF: Crystals And Chakras

    Audio: The Brandenberg Meditation

    Lesson 7: The Crystal Skull Teachers

    In the concluding lesson, Judy focuses on crystal skulls. Crystal skulls have long been a source of fascination for spiritual seekers. Now you can discover what they are and what they are here to teach us. Discover their powerful mission and how you can work with them to communicate with the energy of the crystal and access a higher consciousness.

    Videos: The History And Legends Of Crystal Skulls; Finding And Activating Your Own Crystal Skull; Conclusion

    By Marjolein on Sep 28, 2018

    I love this crystal workshop! Judy is one of the best crystal workers out there, and I've got many of her books. Me not being a new-be on crystals didn't mind. Even then this course was a truely big help, because it really adds to it to see her practicing with the crystals on someone and hear telling about it. With new tips/tricks and seeing her use her own crystals. Thanks HayHouse too for making this workshop available here!

    By Gaelle on Feb 22, 2017

    Great course, didn't know anything about crystal and this is a good course as there is a lot of practical information on how and when to use them, just enough not to get lost! Just need to give it a try now!