Qabalah Made Easy by David Wells

    Qabalah Made Easy

    Using Practical Magic and The Tree of Life for Personal Transformation

    by  David Wells

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    Qabalah is a path for personal and spiritual growth, and a body of magical knowledge that is learned not just through information given, but also through exploration taken and through experience. The Tree of Life is the central organization system and, as you travel its paths, the Tree’s many teachings will reveal themselves to you. Qabalah will empower you to take responsibility for your life’s direction and open doors to a completely new, more profound understanding of the world.


    This comprehensive online course clears away the mystique surrounding Qabalah to uncover how you can start working with it in a very practical way. It guides you around the Tree of Life and introduces you to the many subjects that intercept and correspond to points on the Tree. Astrology, archangels, crystals, Tarot cards and more can all be found on the Tree, and you can choose to work with the tools that most resonate with you. You’ll also be guided through simple rituals, meditations and safe practices that will enhance your journey through the Tree.

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    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: The Tree of Life and What It Represents

    Understanding the system of the Tree of Life is integral to being able to use Qabalah in a practical way to look at the different areas you need to devote attention to. Learn about the 10 Sephiroth that make up the Tree in this lesson. These are spheres of energy, each with their own characteristics and ways of working with them.

    Lesson 2: Archangels, Elementals and Guides

    There are so many components to Qabalah, many of which you will recognise from other practices. The elements, the archangels, spirit guides and astrology can all be found on the Tree of Life. You can pick and choose which aspects you most connect with before you start working with them.

    Lesson 3: Ritual and Temple Work

    Qabalah works with practical magic to help turn your dreams into reality and connect you to higher levels of consciousness. There are various sacred rituals and ceremonies that form part of a Qabalistic practice and this lesson will demonstrate the essentials for you.

    Lesson 4: The Personality Triangle

    Now you have learned the basics of Qabalah, it’s time to look closer at each Sephira on the Tree of Life. The Tree is broken down into three triangles, which focus on your personality, your soul and your spirit. The Personality Triangle helps you to see where you need to take action, what you need to reflect on and to recognise the importance of positive thought.

    Lesson 5: The Soul Triangle

    The Soul Triangle takes things to a deeper level and helps you to listen to your true will, recognise the consequences of your actions and follow your intuition. This triangle teaches us to adapt positively when presented with challenges and to invite change in where it is needed.

    Lesson 6: The Spiritual Triangle

    This triangle governs the bigger picture and humanity as a whole. It is about our creativity as an expression of who we are, the cycles of life, polarities and restoring balance. It is less tangible than the other triangles as it is concerned with abstract ideas such as our higher spiritual self, truth, purity and meditation.


    You have learned so much in this comprehensive course. Here David explains the wonderful benefits of continuing to study Qabalah, and encourages you to keep working with the Tree of Life and suggests further steps you could take.