Heal Your Life Workshop Leader Training - Birmingham

by  Patricia Crane Ph.D.

The Date: 20/07/2019 - 27/07/2019 Sponsored by: Heal Your Life Workshop Leader Training Format: Lectures & Events

Location: Birmingham, UK

Event Information

Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader Training.
Become a licensed Heal Your Life® workshop leader in Louise Hay's powerful philosophy.

The course is an intensive experience for your own personal growth and in developing the knowledge and skills you need for leading courses. 

You will experience in-depth training in
♥ Louise Hay’s philosophy 
♥ Affirmations 
♥ Visualisation 
♥ Inner Child work 
♥ Meditation
♥ Intuition
♥ Body/Mind connection

Learn to teach up to 14 different workshops in the philosophy of Louise Hay including:
♥ A Love Yourself, Heal Your Life® 2 Day Workshop; and
♥ A Heal Your Life® 10 Week Study Course

You will receive
♥ Manuals for both the 2 Day Workshop and the 10 Week Study Course
♥ Handouts and CDs for the Workshop
♥ Marketing guide and supporting materials
♥ Resource information
♥ Training on leading a variety of short workshops such as on Affirmations, Visualisation
♥ Conference calls and email support after the training
♥ A Certificate of Completion