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    Mind-Blowing Love by Dr. Laura Berman

    Mind-Blowing Love

    Elevate Your Relationships and Reach New Heights of Intimacy, Passion and Bliss

    by  Dr. Laura Berman

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    Are you seeking a love that’s passionate, deep, and long-lasting? Or are you looking to take your relationship to incredible new heights, physically and emotionally?

    Of course—, who wouldn’t!? And guess what…

    Those butterflies that fluttered in your stomach, and that tingling sensation you got at a simple touch, aren’t only for the first fairytale months of a relationship.

    Imagine, after years of being together, that you and your significant other have a deep connection and raw passion that’s just as enchanting. Or if you’re single, imagine manifesting your dream relationship—effortlessly. It’s more than possible. The love you seek is completely within your power. It’s called Quantum Love.

    Quantum Love is a whole new level of love that’s available to all of us. It’s more thrilling than the newest love and deeper than the longest relationship. If you think that your only options are to settle for a less- than- fulfilling love and sex life, or to work really, really hard to recapture those first magical moments, Quantum Love is here to change that. 

    Tremendous advancements in the field of quantum physics have proven that at our molecular core, we’re a vessel of energy.

    Meaning— we attract things into our life based on our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. Maybe at a surface level you are trying to attract what you want…, but what are your thoughts deep down? Are you repressing your emotions? Are you accepting the fate of a lackluster sex life? Frankly, you most likely don’t realize what energy you’re putting out in the Universe— and consequently into your relationship. 

    In the Mind-Blowing Love Online Course, renowned love, sex, and relationship expert Dr. Laura Berman, explains how you can harness the energy of your body, mind, and heart to transform your love life—whether that means attracting your perfect mate or cultivating a whole new level of passion, connection, and bliss in your relationship. This is by far the most personal Laura has ever been in her public career—but because of the tremendous impact her new research has had on her own life, relationships, and clients’ lives, she is bringing it to the public, because it will transform your life as well.

    How can the Mind-Blowing Love Online Course elevate your love life?

    During this course you’ll learn:

    • Your unique energetic profile—and how to use it to change the energy of your partner and those around you
    • Powerful meditations, including a chakra-oriented orgasmic meditation, to shift your energy and prime any romantic encounters with intimacy and pleasure
    • Four key daily practices, including unique Gratitude and Mindfulness exercises, to stay buzzing in a blissful, loving frequency 
    • Straight talk on how manifestation really works, and how to become a master manifester of what you want in love 
    • Surprising ways to detect trapped emotions in your body that might be holding you back from love
    • The power of the heart-brain connection— your heart’s energy is 5,000 times stronger than the electrical activity of your brain—and how to harness it for your love life
    • The “thorniest” obstacles to mind-blowing love—and exactly how to break through them
    • A variety of tips and techniques from Laura’s 25-year background as a sex and relationship therapist, from communication styles to kissing to Tantra techniques for the bedroom

    Through lively personal and professional anecdotes, fascinating case studies, and the newest metaphysical and scientific research, Laura teaches you about your body’s unique energy profile and how you can consciously use it to create the love life of your deepest desires. 

    This course is rich with meditations, engaging exercises, and thrilling tips and techniques to enhance your love life using your body’s own energy, uncover deep-rooted feelings that might be keeping you from love, and create more intensity in your sex life. Quantum Love is a journey and a reclamation. You were born into a perfect state of love, and now it’s time to get back to it. Your love life will thank you. 


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    “Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along."

    ~ Rumi

    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: What the Heck Is Quantum Love?

    What the Heck Is Quantum Love?

    In this lesson, Laura explains the main principles behind Quantum Love to show you how we’re all connected via energy— and how your beliefs, feelings, and thoughts affect your relationships moment-to-moment on an entirely unconscious level.

    You’ll learn:

    • 3 stunning principles of quantum theory that reveal a whole new level of power available to you in your love relationship
    • An introduction to Entanglement and Entrainment, two concepts so powerful that Laura calls them “the Jedi mind trick for your relationship”
    • How you can influence your partner’s energetic state with your own—without them even knowing what you’re doing
    • Tips and techniques from Laura’s 25-year background as a relationship therapist to make your connection with your partner stronger and deeper

    Thought Awareness Worksheet

    What thoughts do you think about your relationship on a regular basis? What stories do you tell yourself about your potential to find love? By tracking your thoughts and feelings over the course of the next week, you’ll become aware of the energy you’re bringing into your relationship or putting out into the world about finding love.

    Lesson 2: Discover Your Energy Profile—and Raise Your Vibration

    Here Laura explains more about how energetic frequencies affect your relationship and gives you a variety of practices to raise your vibration and move into the Quantum Love zone. She also dives into the biggest obstacles that stand in your way of an incredible relationship—and how to overcome them.

    Topics include:

    • How to calculate your personal energy profile (your “EHFI”) and use your awareness to shift your frequency
    • The Quantum Lovemap— a visual reference that shows you where you are in your relationship, where you want to be, and how to get there
    • The extraordinary power of your heart energy, even much more so than your brain
    • The worthiness-killing stories, or psychic “thorns,” you unconsciously carry about love that keep you from the love you desire
    • A signature Heart-Opening Meditation and plethora of engaging practices to raise your vibe

    The Quantum Love Quiz
    The Quantum Lovemap is a model that provides a visual reference point for where you are in your relationship and where you want to be. To see where you fall on the Quantum Lovemap, take the Quantum Love Quiz. This exercise will give you important information about where you’re calibrating and help you set goals for where you want to be in Quantum Love.

    The EHFI Quiz
    The EHFI Quiz will help you recognize your typical energetic patterns for key domains in your love relationship. By identifying your highest- and lowest-frequency emotions on the Quantum Lovemap and determining your point of transition between the two, you’ll be able to notice whenever you are moving away from home frequency—and transition back to an expanded, good-feeling state.

    Thorny Story Time Line Worksheet
    The Thorny Story Time Line exercise is a wonderful way to examine and reconsider the experiences in your life that have shaped your worthiness-killing stories about love. This exercise will help you get to Quantum Love by identifying your emotional “thorns” or triggers and loosening their grip on your thinking patterns.

    Lesson 3: The Art of Manifesting: Daily Practices for Living & Loving

    It’s time to get clear on what you want out of love and begin to manifest it. In this lesson, Laura helps you set your love intentions, walks you through the process of forming core relationship goals, and shares the most potent daily practices to boost your manifesting skills.

    You’ll learn:

    • How powerful setting an intention is in order to reset any situation, even in the midst of an argument with your partner
    • The 4 key daily practices to living in Quantum Love and boosting your manifesting, including unique Gratitude and Mindfulness exercises
    • What your biggest relationship goal is, and exactly how you can bring it into being
    • The power of your intuition in your relationship and how to hone it
    • A Manifestation Meditation to get your relationship dreams off the ground and into your reality

    Intuition Quiz
    One of the keys to living in Quantum Love and staying in home frequency is honing your intuition. The Intuition Quiz will help you determine where you are not allowing yourself to feel; these are areas that you are likely closing off your energy. As you practice moving into home frequency, you will find that your intuition will grow and speak more clearly to you as your energy shifts more and more into coherence.

    The Gratitude Reboot Worksheet
    A gratitude reboot is an easy way to move into home frequency. It works whether you’re in the midst of a relationship crisis, a slump, or even just a lousy day. It’s a shift in perspective that creates an actual shift in your energy. When you stop asking the question “Why is this happening to me?” and ask instead “How is this for me?,” your world will change beyond measure.

    Lesson 4: Using Your Body’s Energy for Your Relationship

    Your body is an energy powerhouse, and in this lesson Laura helps you access its amazing wisdom for your love life. She shows you why your body is your ally and how to use it as a compass to tap into high, loving frequencies.

    You’ll discover:

    • The power of your seven chakras, your body’s energy channels, in a special meditation that will prime your body to flow in the frequency of Quantum Love
    • What kinesiology is and how it can help you know when someone is lying—or when you’re lying to yourself
    • Surprising ways to detect trapped emotions in your body that might be holding you back from love—and how to release them
    • What happens when emotions get stuck in your body, and how to translate different physical sensations to the feeling they’re connected with
    • An enhanced sense of your energetic frequency and where you are vibrating at all times

    Chakras and Quantum Love Worksheet
    Your chakras, your body’s energy channels, have a powerful impact not only on your physical health but also on your emotional and energetic states; they affect your reality and your relationships. Understanding your emotions in the language of your chakras can help you pinpoint and address the obstacles that might be keeping you from Quantum Love.

    Lesson 5: Get Out of Your Brain So Your Mind Can Work

    When you start to challenge your beliefs and perceptions of the world, you literally change your brain’s structure in a way that helps you live more in Quantum Love. In this lesson, Laura guides you to identify your most deeply held beliefs about love and release the low-frequency emotions that keep you from it.

    You'll learn:

    • That your habits and emotional patterns are not set in stone— your brain is highly malleable due to what is known as neuroplasticity
    • That you have the ability to shape it to your (and your relationship’s) benefit
    • How fear manifests in your relationships
    • How to release fearful thoughts rather than letting them dictate how you view the world
    • A meditation on understanding what your fear has to teach you, which will keep your energy flowing and produce incredible neural changes
    • A powerful strategy that will help you bring to light your most deeply held disempowering beliefs, and an incredible method to shift out of them
    • What the Drama Triangle is, how to know if you’re on it, and creative ways to avoid it
    • Simple strategies for shifting from brain to mind—to your highest potential—including persona play and an ancient Japanese practice

    The Instructional Booklet
    What key things would you want to pass on to your child about loving well, being loved, what to expect from love, and what’s realistic about love? This exercise will help bring your subconscious beliefs about love to the surface.

    Coaxing the Rabbit Out of the Woods: The Art of Changing Your Beliefs Worksheet
    Your subconscious beliefs are typically way behind your conscious intentions of Quantum Love—but this worksheet offers a practical exercise to help your beliefs catch up with your intentions. Doing this will help you start to manifest your core desired relationship goals. This version is more intensive than the method described in the course and may take some more time—but it’s so worth it.

    Thought Cleanse Worksheet
    In Lesson 1 of this course, you filled out the Thought Awareness worksheet, where you were asked to track the thoughts you think about your relationship or about love on a regular basis. Now it’s time to take your awareness one step further and go on a thought cleanse—which is all about changing those beliefs.

    Lesson 6: Introduction to Quantum Sex

    In this final lesson, you’ll learn how you can use your body’s energy to create more intensity in your sex life—and achieve a deep soul-to-soul connection through your sexual expression.

    You’ll discover:

    • What Quantum Sex is, and how to build on what you’ve learned so far to experience mind-blowing sex
    • How to overcome body image concerns and embrace your physicality—and the major difference between self-esteem and self-love that you need to know
    • The many different motivations for sex and how they impact your sexual experience
    • The energy of kissing, soul gazing, and Tantra techniques to build your confidence in the bedroom and create a soul-to-soul connection
    • Two powerful sexual meditations, including a chakra-oriented orgasmic meditation, to shift your energy and prime any romantic encounters with intimacy and pleasure
    • The energy hangover of sex—and why it’s so crucial to know about it

    BONUSES: Ten bonus items selected to help you have Mind-Blowing Love

    40-Day Course Journal
    Enjoy this 40-day course journal where you can track your thoughts and progress as you work through each lesson. Each day includes a special inspirational quote hand-selected by Laura.

    Between the Sheets & Behind Closed Doors: Getting Personal with Quantum Love eBook
    Renowned love, sex, and relationship expert Laura Berman, Ph.D., shares some juicy tidbits that didn’t make her original Quantum Love book. She explains her personal story that led her to the discovery of Quantum Love more in depth emotionally. She explains how she went from agonizing grief over her mother’s passing to a state of powerful peace that now has completely changed her life. This exciting new eBook features stories from clients, stories about her own soul-work and more ways you can apply the latest in quantum research to your own life.

    8 Guided Meditations
    Enjoy these special bonus audio meditations from Dr. Laura that will help you reach deeper levels of Quantum Love and Quantum Sex.

    • Taoist Inner Smile
      Join Laura as she guides you to bring healing attention to all parts of your body and gather special positive energy through smiling. You’ll caringly direct it within yourself and out to those you love. When we send a smile inward, directing it within the silent beauty of our inner being, we send healing energy where it is needed.
    • Wholy Shift
      This is a guided meditation by Life Coach Jackie Lesser about how to move through the Wholy Shift. This is your personal GPS for the 21st century – a powerful, transformational navigation process used to make decisions to get you on the right path. Get reunited with the true nature of who you are.
    • Microcosmic Orbit
      The Microcosmic Orbit was created as a breath centered meditation and as it turns out it is an extremely powerful sex meditation too. It’s a great way to enhance and move your sexual energy around your body.
    • Living From Love
      Living from Love is a relaxing meditation that connects you to your inner light. You’ll access the power of love that rests inside of you always and send loving energy to people you are surrounded by. Learn to see love in every experience you encounter.
    • Breath of Fire 1
      This chakra-oriented orgasmic meditation is a wonderful way to move energy in your body and combine it with intimacy and pleasure.
    • Breath of Fire 2
      This extended version is extremely relaxing and rejuvenating as you focus moving healing energy up your body in circles, eventually reaching your upper chakras.
    • Fear to Love Meditation
      So often we want to resist our fears, reject them, or push them away. In this meditation, you’ll practice loving your fears, being with them, and finding compassion for them, bringing you closer to home frequency and Quantum Love.
    • Loving Kindness Meditation
      When it comes to the energy of loving-kindness, the more you give, the more you receive. And as far as your energetic frequency is concerned, loving-kindness is By Me and Through Me all the way.

    Mind-Blowing Love - In Course Webinar: 2 Live Webinars with Dr. Laura Berman

    These in-course webinars with Dr. Berman allow you to gain insight about your situation and learn from others in the community. These webinars are only being offered within the course and help get you an in-depth understanding on the exercises, tools and techniques in this course.

    By Debbie on Oct 24, 2016

    Thank you so much for this, course Laura. I really needed it. I just screwed up a very important relationship with my fear and insecurity. I'm changing so much now that I believe that relationships will be healed or a better one will come along. I did not expect to feel this good again, so fast! Thank you so much again x