Secrets for Living the Life You Want by Dr. Barbara De Angelis

    Secrets for Living the Life You Want

    A Transformational Program for Creating Happiness, Freedom, and Spiritual Fulfillment

    by  Dr. Barbara De Angelis

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    Imagine if you could discover a power in your heart far greater than anything you ever imagined.

    Imagine if you could remove blocks that keep you from fully connecting with your own wisdom, creativity, and confidence. 

    Imagine if you could learn how to find a center of peace and love inside of you that never disappeared—no matter what was happening around you. 

    Imagine if you knew how to heal and release the past and break down your emotional walls so you could live and love with renewed freedom and fulfillment.


    There are pivotal moments in our lives when we realize that we’ve been traveling on our path of growth toward happiness and ful­fillment, but, simply put, we’re ready for more. We know we’re being called to live a life that’s more fulfilling and expanded—we can feel it. At these times what’s needed is not simply more changes or adjustments in our outer world but profound inner transformation. We don’t just want to rearrange the pieces of ourselves so they look better temporarily. We want—and deserve—nothing less than rebirth. 

    There are pivotal moments in our lives when we realize that we’ve been traveling on our path of growth toward happiness and ful¬fillment, but, simply put, we’re ready for more. We know we’re being called to live a life that’s more fulfilling and expanded—we can feel it. At these times what’s needed is not simply more changes or adjustments in our outer world but profound inner transformation. We don’t just want to rearrange the pieces of ourselves so they look better temporarily. We want—and deserve—nothing less than rebirth.

    In this inspirational online course—the first of its kind—#1 New York Times best-selling author and renowned spiritual teacher Dr. Barbara De Angelis will guide you on a personal inner journey designed to open and heal your heart in a profound way that will change the way you live and love.

    Barbara calls these illuminating teachings and powerful techniques Practical Spirituality, because that’s just what they are. You’ll discover how to easily tap into your own source of wisdom and clarity, and deepen your connection to the most enlightened, loving part of you so you can live in your Highest, not just some of the time, but all of the time.

    “It’s your time to break free of anything and everything that is holding you back from being who you came here to be and doing what you came here to do. It’s your time to awaken, to shine, to fly.”
    —Dr. Barbara De Angelis

    Do you have a list of things about your life, your relationships, and yourself that you’d like to change? For transformation to be real and lasting, it must originate from the inside, so that instead of trying to constantly control and micro-manage everything, which is exhausting and doesn’t really work, you operate from true mastery at the deepest level of who you are.

    When you learn how to shift yourself on the inside, everything on the outside of your life shifts.

    That’s what’s so exciting about this course. It will help you create significant emotional and spiritual breakthroughs on the inside so you can manifest the life you dream of living on the outside. Places where you’ve felt stuck or confused become illuminated with new clarity and understanding. Obstacles turn into possibilities, dead ends transform into doorways, and challenges convert into hopeful, new gateways…all because you’ve shifted at the center.

    "There’s nothing missing inside of you. I created this course to be a life-changing journey that will reconnect you to yourself, and to your own unlimited source of power and love already there within you."
    —Dr. Barbara De Angelis

    For more than 35 years, Barbara has guided tens of thousands of people to live happier and more joyful lives. She’s no ordinary teacher, and so this course is not merely a series of lectures. It’s a genuine emotional, intellectual, and vibrational journey full of remarkable wisdom, heart-opening revelations, and deep healing, laughter, and love.

    Now for the first time ever, Barbara has brought together the best wisdom and demonstrations—the same transformational techniques and most effective emotional healing exercises and guided meditations that have only been available at her live workshops and study programs—and is offering them to you.

    This course will teach you how to live with real freedom—the freedom to reconnect with the power of love in your heart, to push past the walls and protections, and dissolve the blocks so love can flow more fully into all of your relationships and bring you true intimacy and fulfillment. It will give you the freedom to stop making the same mistakes or getting stuck in the same places. And you’ll emerge with the freedom to express the whole, authentic you, and to live with new confidence, clarity, and genuine peace.


    • You have always felt you’re here for a special purpose, and are ready to remove all the barriers to living as the most powerful you possible

    • You’ve been feeling something more calling to you—more vision, more freedom, more expansion—and want to feel more clear and confident to take your next step

    • You’ve ever asked yourself questions like: “What is my purpose in this life? Why is it that sometimes I am my highest, most loving, wise self, and then other times, I feel lost, disconnected, and confused? Why aren’t I living as the person I’m supposed to be?”

    • You know you aren’t as loving toward others and yourself as you should be and want to learn how to open your heart and experience more happiness and harmony in your relationships

    • You’re ready to stop getting stuck in the same emotional and mental patterns over and over again and get rid of your emotional baggage

    • You long to create a refuge of peace and steadiness inside that will support you no matter what’s happening on the outside

    • You’re tired of trying to control everything, and want to trust yourself and the Universe more

    • You’re ready for more power, more joy, and more love!

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    “This is your chance for a new beginning. Now, more than ever, our responsibility as conscious beings, sincere seekers, and planetary transformers is to rebirth ourselves over and over again.”

    ~ Dr. Barbara De Angelis

    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: Creating a New Relationship with Your Mind, Heart, and Spirit

    In this first lesson, Barbara explains how you can create a new, enlightened, dynamic relationship with the most powerful force in your life—the field of love that dwells within you—and how to bring that power out into every aspect of your life. You’ll learn about the crucial difference between love and a relationship and why your true source and power is in your spiritual heart. You’ll also explore what fears are preventing your soul transformation and how to develop the emotional courage to overcome them. With several deep and powerful meditations to help you connect with the love inside, as well as clear techniques for finding your way beyond your personality back to your divine essence, you’ll begin to experience more love and peace. 

    Lesson 2: Emotional Freedom: Transforming Yourself From the Inside Out

    This fascinating lesson will help you go deep into understanding your emotions and experience more spiritual and emotional freedom. In it, Barbara reveals how you may be blocking your connection with the power inside you without realizing it. She’ll help you see how you unconsciously limit the love you’re willing to experience, and she’ll teach you how to stop doing this. You’ll also explore the difference between thoughts and feelings, and why pushing down your emotions leads to tension and disconnection. You’ll learn to melt the walls of protection that sabotage your relationships, success, and happiness, and you’ll practice a powerful heart-softening exercise that will instantly reconnect you to clarity, confidence, and love whenever you’re upset, irritated, or fearful.

    Lesson 3: New Pathways to Loving Yourself

    Your relationship with yourself will never be the same after you experience the invaluable wisdom in Lesson Three. Barbara’s explanations of how your brain can sabotage your happiness and success will inspire you to use the practical tools she presents to help you positively update your mental and emotional software. These techniques will allow you to recognize habitual patterns of thinking, feeling, and behavior when they’re actually happening, so you can make more enlightened choices in the moment. Once you do this, you’ll start to notice that you are no longer making the same mistakes or getting stuck in the same cycles of suffering. You’ll also learn how to stop loving yourself conditionally and how to cultivate more patience and compassion for yourself and others.

    Lesson 4: Secrets for Making Relationships Work

    If you’ve ever wanted to feel smarter and more confident about relationships, this lesson is for you. In it, Barbara offers new, innovative love principles and practices that will change everything you thought you knew, and explain everything you didn’t! By the end of the lesson you’ll understand the three higher purposes of every relationship, along with secrets on how to feed the hearts of your mate, children, friends, and family. You’ll also experience a deep, guided meditation to help you discover your personal soul love lessons so you can forgive the past and create a happier future. Whether you’re single and looking for love, recovering from it, or have a partner, this lesson will help you truly understand the mechanics of relationships and teach you how to make them work. 

    Lesson 5: Awakening Your Inner Power, Wisdom, and Emotional Courage

    It’s time to reconnect with the ultimate power inside you, tap into your own source of wisdom, and deepen your connection to your most authentic self. In this lesson, Barbara explains how you’re pre-wired with an astounding capacity to experience that source energy in the form of love, creativity, and inner knowing. However, your ability to be a clear conduit for that divine power, wisdom, and love needs to be restored to its full potential. And that’s just what this lesson will help you do. You’ll learn how to recalibrate your energetic vibration so you stop sabotaging your success and happiness. Plus you’ll get a powerful meditation to reconnect you with your heart-wisdom and invaluable practices you can use to survive difficult or stressful times.

    Lesson 6: Living an Awakened Life: Love, Purpose, and Practical Spirituality

    In this uplifting final lesson, you’ll receive wisdom and practices that prepare you to live in love all the time. You’ll learn how your heart is a unique electromagnetic power source that influences the hearts of everyone around you—whether or not you interact with them directly. What this means is that you have the power to change the world by healing and opening yourself. You’ll experience a sublime meditation for calling forth love and uplifting practices for sacred living, so you can become a blessing to everyone around you. Your choice for love will have profound consequences—it will show up in how you work, live, and relate to everyone. You’ll become a powerful force of light that will transform you and the world.

    Bonuses: Taking Love to the Next Level

    Audio and PDF: 7 Essential Love Practices

    In this inspiring and practical audio, Barbara teaches you that love is not an attitude, and reveals how you can make simple choices every day that will uplift you, motivate you, and help you live the life you deserve. You’ll learn easy-to-practice techniques that really work and receive a useful PDF instructional download.

    Video and Audio: Soul Shifts: Transforming Your Life from the Inside Out

    Overview: In this entertaining and motivational 90-minute workshop, you’ll discover why true transformation can only happen from the inside out, how you can live your true purpose every day, and learn techniques and practices to help you make instant Soul Shifts. Barbara shares life-changing information, including how to shift beyond “positive thinking” to “positive vibrating,” how to create real vibrational credibility, and how to stop short-circuiting your power and happiness. 

    Audio: Choice for Love Audio Book

    Overview: This complete audio version of Barbara’s best-selling book The Choice for Love will take you on a deep and moving journey of wisdom, inspiration, and revelation. It also includes many beautiful guided meditations and inner journeys. You’ll learn powerful techniques to help you let go of the past, defrost the walls around your heart, and experience genuine compassion for yourself and others.

    In-Course Webinars: Talking with Dr. Barbara De Angelis

    These in-course webinars allow you the unique opportunity to interact personally with Dr. Barbara De Angelis to ask questions, gain personalized insight about your situation and learn from others in the community. These LIVE webinars are only being offered within the course and are a rare chance to speak with Robert to help get you an in-depth understanding on the exercises, tools and techniques in this course.

    Webinar 1: Sep 26 at 4PM PT

    Webinar 2: Oct 16 at 4PM PT

    Webinar 3: Nov 7 at 4PM PT

    By Brandy on Apr 04, 2018

    There are several ways this course has helped me change my life. This was my first Hayhouse course and it was part of the Wisdom Community membership- SUCH a great value, especially since it really has changed my entire outlook on life. The guided meditations helped me uncover the love I buried for my father who passed away 4 years ago. I was so disconnected that I did not grieve before. There is so much more love in my heart now and it feels good. The relationships around me are all improving and Ive experienced that family bond feeling that I did not even know I was missing. Ive also learned hw to trust my own voice. Ok, I really cant say enough about how awesome this course is. Im forever grateful- thank you so much. <3 <3 <3

    By LINDA on Jan 12, 2018

    77% completed I am loving it. Each lesson gets better and better. I feel shifts happening daily. I seen Barbara in Edmonton Canada about three years ago and she touched my soul. I am looking forward to seeing her again at the U live in Vegas. Take this course it a transformational honest and very authentic. She is a life changer. Its a great course