Simplify Your Spiritual Path Online Course by Matt Kahn

    Simplify Your Spiritual Path Online Course

    The 10 Golden Rules to Unlocking Emotional Freedom

    by  Matt Kahn

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    10-Lesson Online Course with Matt Kahn

    If you’ve been feeling stuck on your spiritual path…or if the teachings you’ve practiced have never quite panned out…or if you constantly feel blocked by a life issue that just won’t budge, then there’s something you need to know: it’s not your fault.

    Over the past several years, the world has shifted to a new plane of consciousness—and a new spiritual paradigm has come into being. And to really see the changes we want in our lives, we’ve got to awaken within it.

    In this brilliant course, highly empathic healer and visionary teacher Matt Kahn will share the 10 Golden Rules—channeled from the Universe—that will not only bring you immediate relief but also simplify your spiritual path…and forever change how you walk it.

    This Transformational Online Course Includes:

    • Special limited-time pricing of $199 (regularly $399). Only through October 2!
    • 10 transformative lessons that will catalyze your spiritual growth and bring you true clarity and relief
    • Energetic healing transmissions infused into each lesson to spur your healing and awakening simply through watching
    • Practical on-the-spot exercises to resolve any stagnant or deep blocks impeding your path
    • Powerful channeled mantras to anchor each teaching and excavate greater ease, freedom and joy in your life
    • Exclusive audience Q&A sessions so that you can witness how to apply these teachings to real-life struggles—and watch people heal before your eyes


    We’ve come to a place in our spiritual evolution where the teachings of the past have been outgrown. The entire landscape of the spiritual journey has changed...

    It’s time to redefine our spiritual journey—and return to simplicity.


    Walking our spiritual path should be easy. Intuitive. Effortless. Right? But for many of us, it’s often met with confusion, complexity…and even contradiction.

    Have you felt it?

    Maybe you’ve been drawn to a certain spiritual practice (like yoga, meditation, affirmations or belief work)…but lately that practice hasn’t brought you the peace and clarity you need.

    Or perhaps you’ve been a long-time devotee of self-help books and workshops…but they no longer have the same impact.

    Or maybe you just feel stuck, at a standstill or struggling to really, truly resolve—once and for all—an issue that’s holding you back in life.

    If this sounds like you, you’re far from alone.

    But do you want to hear the exciting news?

    None of this is your fault. The truth is that we’ve arrived at an exciting time on our planet where consciousness is rapidly awakening like never before. And over the past several years, the world has actually shifted on to a new plane. Which means, what we think we understand about reality, and what might’ve worked for us in the past, no longer has much effect. And the teachings of the past no longer have the potency they used to.

    We’re in a different paradigm now.
    And to really see the changes we want in our lives, we’ve got to awaken within it.

    Spiritual teacher and highly attuned empathic healer Matt Kahn is keenly familiar with the expansion process the world is now going through—and he knows firsthand why people are failing to find the relief and clarity they need. It’s because the paths to awakening not only have become far too complex…they are also now outdated.

    Which means, no matter how hard you try, you’ll likely hit wall after wall after wall.

    Until now.



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    "We’ve come to a place in our spiritual evolution where the teachings of the past have been outgrown. The entire landscape of the spiritual journey has changed..."
    It’s time to redefine our spiritual journey—and return to simplicity.

    Matt Kahn

    What You'll Learn

    GOLDEN RULE #1: You’ve done nothing wrong.

    In Golden Rule #1, you’ll begin simplifying your spiritual journey by learning to let go of regret and release yourself from self-blame. Matt teaches you how each and every moment of your life is designed exactly how it was intended—and how it is meant to reward you with a greater perspective, never punish you. You’ll discover that, as Matt says, “we’re not here to fix ourselves; we’re here to expand ourselves…so that we can rejoice instead of regret.” This powerful opening lesson will guide you to surrender all forms of self-blame, self-judgment, and self-criticism so that you’ll be able to see each moment of your life with compassion, ease, and as it was intended: perfect.

    GOLDEN RULE #2: Anyone who blames you isn’t happy.

    In Golden Rule #2, you’ll start to unpack unhappiness and recognize that those who blame you are actually deeply entrenched in their own suffering. In this lesson Matt teaches you how the unhappy people in your life are actually here for your evolutionary benefit and how they are doorways to greater happiness. He shares the keys to unlocking true joy and helps you understand that happiness is much more than a feeling—it is, in fact, a relationship with well-being and a state of peaceful resolution. You will also be guided to see forgiveness in an entirely new light.

    GOLDEN RULE #3: Hardships can be fast-tracked through thankfulness.

    “Change and loss are some of the deepest ways that life evolves you out of the ego and into the soul,” Matt says, and in Golden Rule #3 you’ll discover how to use your adversities to fast-track your way into the light. You’ll learn how hardships are not here to hinder you but rather move you forward, and that when life seemingly slows you down, it’s actually asking you to take a deeper look. Matt teaches you how to cultivate thankfulness for the negative experiences in your life, and he reveals that the speed at which you evolve is completely up to you—it’s determined by how often you bring gratitude to the table.

    GOLDEN RULE #4: Feeling better helps everyone heal.

    In Golden Rule #4, Matt reveals that your personal happiness is not a selfish need but actually a service to all. When you feel better, especially in the presence of others, you participate in uplifting their consciousness and expediting their spiritual path. This is one of the most courageous and powerful ways you can help everyone around you heal—particularly those people whom you find the most difficult. By surrendering the need to hold back your happiness and enthusiasm, you’ll begin to radiate your well-being to others and become a true lightworker, banishing darkness from this planet.

    GOLDEN RULE #5: Well-being is a signal that you are ready to embody your potential.

    The more often you recognize the presence of well-being within you, the more clearly you signal to the Universe that you are aware of your perfection and wholeness. This, in effect, sends the message that you’re ready and able to receive more—that you’re prepared to embody your soul’s potential. In Golden Rule #5, Matt shows you how aligning with your breath on a regular basis is the key to sending this signal as clearly as possible, for it taps you directly into experiencing your own inner well-being. With no effort at all, you’ll learn how to take your power back by reuniting with your breath and banish any feelings of deficiency along the way.

    GOLDEN RULE #6: The Universe always has a plan.

    The first five Golden Rules taught you how to harmonize your relationship with yourself and others—but with Golden Rule #6, you’ll start to expand into a more universal viewpoint. In this rule, Matt reveals that you are always carrying out the Universe’s plan, whether or not you think you’ve chosen well or made “mistakes.” You’ll discover that no matter what occurs, you are experiencing life unfolding in a perfect, precise way to help you grow and remember who you came here to be. Matt also teaches you why there’s no such thing as “random,” what “wanting” really means, and why you can’t ever get it “wrong.”  

    GOLDEN RULE #7: Everything changes, but it can only change you for the better.

    Golden Rule #7 dives even deeper into the concepts laid out in Golden Rule #6. In this rule, Matt teaches you that life will always change—but at every turn, it is guaranteed to change you into a better version of yourself. He shows you how to step out of fearing the threat of change and become a willing participant in life’s journey through a powerful, functional practice of stillness and surrender that he calls “being meditated.” You’ll learn how to let your life meditate you through fully embodied listening, to stop negotiating with life in times of stress or turmoil, and to let the grace of every outcome shape you into the perfection of your highest potential.

    GOLDEN RULE #8: In order to be emotionally free, it’s okay to dislike.

    In Golden Rule #8, you’ll break apart the belief that to be spiritually evolved, you can’t dislike—because nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, as Matt explains, the adverse experiences that happen to us “aren’t trying to be liked…their mission is to evolve us to our next level of consciousness; they’re designed to help us grow.” He teaches you that dislike is not a judgment or condemnation but a recognition of something foreign to your core values—a detection that you are not in resonance with a certain reality. By giving yourself permission to dislike whatever (or whomever) bothers you, you honor life’s expansion process and gain clarity on the deepest values you hold to be true. 

    GOLDEN RULE #9: Projecting anger drains you of energy.

    Golden Rule #9 piggybacks off Golden Rule #8. While you now know that it’s okay to dislike, it’s equally important to recognize that if dislike spills over from an awareness into a feeling of anger, you put yourself at risk of draining your well-being. In this rule, Matt teaches you what anger really stems from—repressed passion—and he shares the most powerful practice you can do to balance and ground yourself: creative expression. You’ll learn how art, in any form, helps guide your soul’s evolution and release the unhealthy energy caught in your body by allowing you to break your silence, express what needs to be heard, and set yourself free.

    GOLDEN RULE #10: Love is your liberator.

    As your spiritual path becomes more and more simplified, you’ll come face to face with the most powerful realization of all: that you are an expression of love in physical form, not a character waiting to be loved. And that’s where Golden Rule #10 caps off your spiritual journey. Here, Matt teaches you that love is the light of your true nature, and that love—not other people—is your liberator, setting you free from all pain. He guides you to uncover what in you cries out to be loved by you; to heal it with honesty, receptivity, and willingness; and to shine your light at full capacity. By the end of this lesson you’ll emerge into a brand-new beginning…and return to the world healed, redeemed, and transformed.

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    By Celia on Oct 05, 2018

    I have not yet completed this course, I am half way through it and I am blown away at the extremely important information, vibration, and great understand at what Matt Kahn has brought to Hay House. If I could give it 10 stars I would. Thank you Matt for this wonderful work and energy that you have brought to the world. You cannot know how much this has elevated me more than I had even expected. I can't wait to complete this course. Tremendously enlightening and full of so much love, kindness and understanding. Love, love, love. Thank you so much Hay House for bringing Matt Kahn on board to have this available to us all.