The Slave by Anand Dilvar

    The Slave

    A Spiritual Manifesto for a Better Way of Life

    by  Anand Dilvar

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    Publisher: Hay House UK

    Publication Date: 23/03/2018

    ISBN: 9781788171991

    Narrated By: Anand Dilvar

    Version: Unabridged

    Length: 2 hours and 20 minutes

    A profound and paradigm-challenging book that guides readers through a transformative journey to personal freedom.

    The Slave tells the beautiful and reflective story of an unconscious man who is trapped in a vegetative state
    following a terrible accident that has paralyzed his whole body. Unable to communicate with those around
    him, and cut off from family and friends, he begins an inner conversation with his spiritual guide, which takes
    him on a journey of self-realization to a new state of consciousness and an understanding of his deepest self.

    'I came to the understanding that this life is the only opportunity we have to be ourselves.'

    In a world where so many feel they have lost their way, The Slave allows us to gain a deeper understanding of life's timeless truths. Through the protagonist of the story, spiritual teacher Anand Dílvar reveals how it
    is possible to overcome guilt, to move beyond past wounds and forgive, to appreciate the true meaning of love and to discover the real purpose of our lives on Earth.
    Written with an engaging simplicity, this truly profound book has nothing to do with success, social recognition or the accumulation of goods, and everything to do with joy, love and peace.
    With over 1.8 million copies sold in 15 languages, this beautiful and reflective story is destined to become a spiritual classic.

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