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The Metaphysical Arts Online Intensive

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Tap Into the Unseen Powers of Creation to Transform Your Reality!

In this hands-on Metaphysical Arts Online Intensive, you’ll delve into the energetic realms of your consciousness and the Universe. Over six fascinating lessons, you’ll master the most essential principles of metaphysics so you can fully align with the potent power of the Divine and create incredible miracles in your...See more
Tap Into the Unseen Powers of Creation to Transform Your Reality!

In this hands-on Metaphysical Arts Online Intensive, you’ll delve into the energetic realms of your consciousness and the Universe. Over six fascinating lessons, you’ll master the most essential principles of metaphysics so you can fully align with the potent power of the Divine and create incredible miracles in your life!

Your life force reaches beyond time and space into unknown realms of existence. This unseen energy is the most powerful source of transformation in your life and in the world. It’s sparking with unlimited potential and infinite possibilities that are just waiting for you to awaken. So, isn’t it about time to tap into this unseen power of metaphysics so YOU can create your experience in each moment?

Here are just some of the illuminating aspects of metaphysics you’ll master:

Renowned visionary Denise Linn teaches you little-known methods to begin to release blockages to vibrant health, wealth, and joy through a live activation of your seven chakras and energy from Ancient Mystic Portals.
Celebrated astrologer Mark Husson shows you how to discover your life purpose and release old patterns through Astrology and, in particular, the fascinating power of your Nodes.
Leading EFT expert Carol Look teaches you groundbreaking Emotional Freedom Techniques so you can tap into your own energy system to release daily stress, calm feelings of overwhelm, and clear vibrational clutter from your life.
Sought-after intuitive and psychologist Carmen Harra shows you how to tap into the power of sacred connection so you can regain faith, turn fear into possibility, embrace change, experience fulfillment, and more.
Acclaimed psychic medium John Holland shares his expert insight into unlocking your psychic potential, protecting your aura, and tapping into the power of synchronicity.
Foremost nutritional consultant Donna Gates will show you how to use her transformational Body Ecology Diet to heal your body, calm your emotions, elevate your consciousness, and connect with the Divine.

Lesson Details:

Denise Linn
Lesson 1: Into the Depths of Your Soul: Mystic Portals and Chakras

In this profoundly moving and experiential online lesson with Denise Linn, you’ll discover little-known methods to begin to release blockages to vibrant health, wealth, and joy through a live activation of your seven chakras.

The word chakra means "wheel," or vortex. It refers to the seven major spiraling energy centers of your body. Each energy center reflects a different aspect of your life and your consciousness. When these energy centers flow smoothly, you feel vital and healthy. When they're blocked, you feel stressed and off-balance.

Additionally, learn to magnify your inner vortex of power and receive energy from Ancient Mystic Portals through a powerful Energy Attunement. (Before attending please drink extra water and remove as much jewelry and possible in preparation.) No matter when you listen to this lesson, you’ll still receive the Attunement because it’s activated beyond ordinary time and space. And, you can listen again and again to magnify your results!

In your hour and a half with Denise, you’ll learn:
• What chakras are and how clearing them can help you manifest miracles in your life
• Which of your chakras can clog your ability to manifest abundance and how to clear it
• Which chakra can help connect you to amazing spiritual realms
• Which of your chakras can assist you in becoming much more intuitive
• Which chakra can help heal your relationships as well as dramatically improve your self-esteem
• Which of your chakras can help you determine the best direction for your future
• How to use color vibration to active and clear your chakra portals
• How the mystic power of color can dramatically influence your life
• How to easily and safely travel through Ancient Mystic Portals for spiritual awareness
• How past-life blockages get lodged in the chakras and how to release them
• How to travel through Mystic Portals in your dreams
This session also includes a potent chakra balancing mediation and an Ancient Mystic Portal Attunement!

Mark Husson
Lesson 2: Discover Your Life Purpose through Astrology-FAST

When you take your first breath, you are given a life long map that can direct you to your greatest fulfillment. That map is your birth chart. What many people don't know is that there is a single point in that chart that tells us what skills you brought with you and what skills you must embrace for the greatest fulfillment.

The North and South Nodes point to certain skills, some we want to use and some we need to lay to rest. They help us discover the path that can unlock a true sense of purpose.

Finding these points takes just a glance and by the end of this course, we'll have you not only understanding your nodes but actually feeling their power in both supportive and non-supportive ways in your life. With just a glance, you'll be able to walk with astrologer Mark S. Husson through this path and when you're done, you can use what you've learned to help others discover this remarkable astrological point of reference.

In this online lesson, you'll be given a wheel based on your chart, then you’ll learn:
• What the Nodes are
• How to identify them in your chart
• How to recognize the patterns in your life that are created by the nodes
• How to release the old patterns that prevent you from reaching toward your purpose
• How to catch yourself when you are in the middle of an old pattern
• How to identify these issues for others

The Nodes are a powerful learning tool; there is much to be gained by embracing them in your life and allowing yourself to take that leap to your true potential and purpose.

Carol Look, LCSW, DCH, EFT Master
Lesson 3: Stress Relief with Emotional Freedom Techniques

Imagine how empowering it would feel if you could tap into your own energy system to strengthen your mind and body. Wouldn’t it be a relief to know that you already have the energetic potential to enjoy exceptional health and emotional peace?

Discover how to use a simple and deeply effective healing tool – Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) – to access your individual energy system to clear emotional conflicts that block your success and happiness.

EFT combines ancient Chinese Medicine theories of acupuncture with modern psychology to release “congestion” in your energy system. While tapping on designated acupuncture points on the face and body, you tune into emotional blocks and clear the trapped energy.

Join Founding EFT Master Carol Look as she leads you through experiential EFT exercises to release daily stress, calm feelings of overwhelm, and clear vibrational clutter from your energy system and your life.

In this 90-minute lesson, you’ll learn:
• The origins and theories behind Meridian Tapping (TFT/ EFT)
• How and why the field of Energy Medicine may change our lives in the next decade
• How to use the basic EFT “recipe” to heal your life at an energetic level
• How to target daily as well as chronic stress with EFT
• How to apply EFT towards feelings of overwhelm in your life
• How to clear the “vibrational clutter” from your mind and life to attract abundance

Carmen Harra
Lesson 4: Wholeness: Tapping into the Power of Sacred Connection

Would you like to turn fear into possibility, no matter what’s going on around you? Want to uncover your true potential and the meaning and purpose to life? Do you long to regain faith in yourself, others, and the spiritual realm?

Sacred connection, or wholeliness, has the power to completely transform your life and the world around you. By tapping into the power of wholeliness, you can banish feelings of isolation, tap into your intuition, heal diseases and ailments naturally, welcome even large-scale changes in your life, and much more.

In this uplifting lesson, renowned psychologist and intuitive Carmen Harra shows you how to break through your physical boundaries and achieve wholeliness with your self, all of humanity, and the Divine. Breaking your physical boundaries means elevating your perception and transcending the third dimension on which you live day to day. By raising your consciousness, you can reclaim your true nature and eternal connection to the Divine. You can then use this knowledge to better your future and heal yourself on a mind-body-spirit level.

Ultimately, Carmen lights the way to a life inseparable from the Divine force and its infinite empowerment and encouragement. Discover your true potential and learn how to take action to finally change your life!

John Holland
Lesson 5: Unlock Your Psychic Potential

Did you know that you already possess ALL the tools to unlock your psychic potential and help you to lead an intuitive psychic life? Put simply, the word psychic is from the Greek word psychos, meaning “of the soul.” By definition, it means that as spiritual beings, we are able to access, receive, and transmit information that reaches beyond our physical body and our natural five senses.

Join one of the country’s top psychic mediums for this informative, fun online lesson and get all the tools to awaken and develop your psychic intuitive skills. Tap into the power of your psychic intuitive strengths and make them work for you in all areas of your personal and business life!

In your hour and a half with John, you’ll learn:
• What it means to be psychic or intuitive
• Which ability is the strongest in you (clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentience)
• A variety of powerful meditation and visualization techniques you can use to expand your abilities
• How to interpret chakras and define their role in the physical and spiritual body
• All about auras and how to understand and protect yours
• How energetic cords can drain you and what to do about them
• How synchronicity can guide you to your highest goal or potential

Donna Gates
Lesson 6: Eating for Spiritual Elevation: The Healing Power of the Body Ecology Diet
Are you working on manifesting the life you want, but finding it hard to get into the space of feeling it? Have you been trying to tap into the power of your intuition and the Universe, but somehow feel blocks?

Your diet and lifestyle choices impact not only your health, but also your spiritual well-being, intuition, and connection to the Universe. In fact, the fastest way to raise the vibration of your emotional and spiritual body is to change the very chemicals that allow you to think better thoughts and feel more joyous emotions. If you want to rediscover yourself and live a radiant life, an internal biological transformation must take place.

In this information-packed online lesson, popular nutritional consultant Donna Gates shows you how to facilitate fundamental and lasting change by addresses your body on a cellular level. Learn how to about the profound power of mental and physical detoxification and regeneration as Donna introduces to her groundbreaking Body Ecology Diet. The health of your "inner ecology" influences how you feel on a daily basis. Donna teaches you how the “abdominal brain” and living microbiota affect your energy, weight, skin, and overall health, as well as your attitude, emotions, and higher states of consciousness.

This Online Course provides all six lesson downloads immediately upon purchase. See less
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