The Happiness Project by Robert Holden, Ph.D.

    The Happiness Project

    An 8-Week Online Program

    by  Robert Holden, Ph.D.

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    Prepare to Embark on a Life-Changing, Scientifically Proven Fast-Track to Happiness—in Only Minutes a Day!

    We live in a culture where we have more than ever before. More freedom, more choices, more potential, and more opportunities for our education and careers. We have more income and spending money, more shopping malls, and more chances for travel. We have bigger houses, gadgets galore, and countless ways to make our lives even better on top of all that: fitness centers, vacation packages, dating sites—the list goes on and on.

    And yet happiness is as elusive as ever. Millions of people remain depressed or unsatisfied with their lives. What gives?

    The truth is, happiness is always available to you—it’s a facet of your very being. But unless you make an active commitment to cultivating it, you’ll always be searching for joy but never quite living in it. You’ll find yourself accumulating more and more but never feeling deeply satisfied and fulfilled.

    Consider this course your active commitment! In just minutes a day, Robert Holden, Ph. D. who has dedicated the past 25 years to helping people find true joy in their lives, will teach you simple ideas and proven techniques that will shift your outlook on life. This scientifically proven course is a genuine fast-track to happiness that will change not only the way you feel but also how your brain functions.

    So what’s in the course? Forty fun, inspiring lessons—one for each day, Monday through Friday—that you can do over the course of eight weeks. Each lesson includes a short video from Robert on a happiness topic, a bonus reading from Robert’s books, and a powerful affirmation. Many lessons also include targeted meditations and journaling exercises if you want to tap into even greater happiness.

    Every week will also feature a special guest interview: Cheryl Richardson, Marianne Williamson, Kyle Gray, Louise Hay, Mike Dooley, David Hamilton, Ahlea Khadro, and Tom Carpenter all join Robert to share their diverse personal insights on happiness and specific ways that you can cultivate more joy in your life. 

    Offering a joyful mix of spiritual principles, psychology and sociology research, Robert’s personal insights, and your inner wisdom, this course will open you up to a life steeped in happiness. Join Robert in this extraordinary eight-week journey to increase your joy and happiness for a lifetime.

    “Deep down, you know what happiness is, and you already know how to be happy.”

    Robert Holden, Ph.D.

    Robert Holden’s innovative work on happiness, psychology, and spirituality has been featured on OprahGood Morning America, the PBS special Shift Happens!, and in two major BBC happiness documentaries shown to more than 30 million television viewers worldwide. He is the best-selling author of over ten books, including Happiness NOWBe HappyAuthentic Success, and Life Loves You, cowritten with Louise Hay, as well as the director of The Happiness Project and Success Intelligence. Robert also hosts a weekly radio show for Hay House Radio and travels worldwide teaching people the keys to a richly happy and successful life.

    THE HAPPINESS PROJECT Online Course Is for You if:

    • You want a happier life starting now. Period.
    • You find yourself feeling just “fine” or “okay” most days, and you want to dramatically increase your capacity for happiness and joy.
    • You want a scientifically proven way to become happier—something that not only changes how you feel but how your brain actually functions.
    • You’re interested in tapping into the innate power of your brain to help you address feelings of sadness, dissatisfaction, or depression.
    • You are busy and need an easy, convenient way to learn how to tap into greater joy.
    • You want to use the power of happiness to enjoy more success in your life, work, and relationships.
    • You feel that happiness is constantly eluding you no matter how you’ve pursued it in the past.
    • You are ready to make an active commitment to your happiness.
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    “When we follow our joy, we live a life that we love.”

    ~Robert Holden, Ph. D.

    What You'll Learn

    Week 1: The Happiness Project, Week One

    “Unless you cultivate a relationship to joy,” Robert emphasizes, “no amount of pleasure or satisfaction will ever be enough.” In week one of The Happiness Project, you’ll learn the fundamentals for cultivating a relationship to joy. You’ll create a personal definition of happiness that works for you, discover the five important signs that tell you when you’re following your joy, learn why happiness is a facet of your very being, and find out the biggest block to experiencing happiness. Holistic health intuitive and “nutritionista” Ahlea Khadro also joins Robert in a special interview on how to look after the health, happiness, and harmony of your body by following the rhythm of the seasons.

    Week one includes these lessons:

    • Hello Happiness: Begin to cultivate a relationship to happiness by tuning in to when you are at your happiest.
    • My Definition of Happiness: Create a personal definition of happiness that works for you, and learn the three types of happiness—and why knowing the difference helps you find real joy.
    • Ending the Search: Discover why searching for happiness is actually the biggest block to experiencing happiness.
    • Following Your Joy: Learn what it means to follow your joy, and the five important signs that tell you you’re on the right track.
    • Guest Interview: Ahlea Khadro: Daily Well-Being: Find out how to follow the rhythm of the seasons to look after the health, happiness, and harmony of your body.

    Week 2: The Happiness Project, Week Two

    How happy did you decide to be today? Each day, you make numerous decisions about things that you need to accomplish or do—but whether you realize it or not, you also make the choice each morning about how happy you will be. In week two, Robert dives into explaining that happiness is a choice, one with far-reaching effects on your life and health. You’ll learn the purpose of happiness and why it is good for you, what happiness has to do with living authentically, why circumstances have a negligible effect on your happiness, and why nothing “makes” you happy. Dr. David Hamilton also joins Robert for a discussion about the power of kindness: how being kind not only boosts your feel-good emotions but also benefits your body physiologically.

    Week two includes these lessons:

    • The Purpose of Happiness: Learn the purpose of happiness, its numerous positive by-products, and how it helps you live a more authentic life.
    • The Already Principle: Discover Robert’s secret to happiness, and the “two selves” that exist within you.
    • Why Nothing Makes You Happy!: Learn why nothing “makes” you happy—but that everything in your life can encourage you to be.
    • Choosing Happiness: Examine what it means to choose happiness, and how you can even influence your genes with your state of mind, choices, and decisions.
    • Guest Interview: Dr. David Hamilton: The Science of Happiness: Find out how the simple act of being kind not only boosts your feel-good emotions but also benefits your body physiologically.

    Week 3: The Happiness Project, Week Three

    We all have within us, beneath a pile of thoughts, a “happiness contract”; its central clause is that happiness must be deserved. This contract, though, is merely a belief with rules and conditions that we’ve self-imposed—and it gets in the way of us realizing that happiness is free, unconditional, and our true nature. In week three, you’ll get down to the bottom of your personal happiness contract so you can rewrite it. Robert also exposes the three biggest myths about happiness, uncovers the sneaky factors that might be causing you unhappiness, and teaches you about your “joy tolerance level.” Mike Dooley, creator of Notes from the Universe, also joins Robert in a conversation about what it really takes to enjoy the journey of your life.

    Week three includes these lessons:

    • The Happiness Learning Curve: Uncover the three biggest and most pervasive myths about happiness.
    • Causes of Unhappiness: Discover what factors in your life may be making you unhappy, from lack of sleep and chronic busyness to perfectionism and forgetting gratitude.
    • The Happiness Contract: Unearth the internal contract you’ve made with yourself about how happy you “deserve” to be—and rewrite it.
    • Good-bye to Guilt: Get acquainted with your personal “joy tolerance level” for happiness.
    • Guest Interview: Mike Dooley: Enjoy the Journey: Discover what it really takes to enjoy your life in this fascinating conversation about using unhappiness as a signal from the divine.

    Week 4: The Happiness Project, Week Four

    “Happiness is not just the absence of sadness,” Robert notes. “It is also the capacity to love and heal sadness.” In week four, you’ll learn more about the purpose of unhappiness and why you should never be afraid of sadness—for within it is a message, lesson, and gift to help you heal. Robert guides you in a short course in emotional healing and talks about how martyrdom and unhealthy sacrifice are often mistaken as routes to happiness. He also reveals how an attitude of forgiveness is crucial to your happiness. Tom Carpenter, a teacher of A Course in Miracles and creator of The Forgiveness Network, also joins Robert in a moving conversation about the relationship between happiness and forgiveness.

    Week four includes these lessons:

    • Stop Being a Martyr!: Learn about another major block to happiness—the fear that “happiness is selfish”—and uncover areas in your life where you have been unhealthily sacrificing.
    • Letting Go of the Struggle: Drop the belief that you have to suffer in order to be happy by busting the five myths of “the suffering ethic.”
    • Healing Unhappiness: Find out how to heal sadness by discovering the message, lesson, and gift within any crisis or emotional wound.
    • Forgiveness Sets You Free: Learn why forgiveness is guaranteed to increase your happiness, and five forgiveness principles that will help you do so more easily.
    • Guest Interview: Tom Carpenter: Dialogue on Forgiveness: Prepare to be deeply moved by this excerpt from A Dialogue on Forgiveness, which sheds light on the relationship between forgiveness and happiness.

    Week 5: The Happiness Project, Week Five

    In week five you’ll be treated to an eclectic mix of happiness lessons that are sure to up your joy quotient. Robert kicks off the week by introducing you to the poetry of the Sufi writer Hafiz, whose ancient wisdom about joy translates timelessly into modern life. From there, you’ll experience the oneness meditation, which will bring you back to connectedness and joy; learn the immense power of slowing down in order to catch up with yourself; and discover the therapeutic nature of fun. Best-selling author and self-care expert Cheryl Richardson also joins Robert to teach you how to nurture your inner artist through beauty and creativity—a direct path to happiness.

    Week five includes these lessons:

    • Kissing the Friend: Discover fresh insights on happiness through ancient wisdom, as Robert shares and expands on the very relevant poetry of Hafiz.
    • The Oneness Meditation: Come back to the experience of oneness in a powerful meditation that will help you remember that your soul is joy.
    • The Joy of Slow: Learn the immense power of slowing down in order to catch up with yourself, be less manic, and become more present.
    • More Fun Per Day!: Discover the therapeutic nature of fun, and learn how to purposely schedule more pleasure and enjoyment into your life.
    • Guest Interview: Cheryl Richardson: The Artist Within: Find out how beauty, creative expression, and nature are all linked with happiness—and learn how to nurture your inner artist by tapping into these gifts.

    Week 6: The Happiness Project, Week Six

    “Love is the heart of happiness,” Robert says. In week six, you’ll explore the profound connection of love to happiness, and how choosing love each day will bring you greater joy. Robert dives into the wisdom of A Course in Miracles, the spiritual thought system that teaches the way to love and peace, and shares its essential teaching that happiness is choosing love over fear. He also teaches you about two joy-based philosophies: basic trust with Louise Hay, and sympathetic joy, a Buddhist principle that wishes for the happiness of others and, in the process, heals one’s own self of feelings of envy and competition. World-renowned A Course in Miracles teacher Marianne Williamson also joins Robert to explain why forgiveness is the key to happiness.

    Week six includes these lessons:

    • The Happiness Genie: Discover the power of making a daily dedication to love, a fast-track to cultivating greater happiness in your life.
    • Happiness and A Course in Miracles: Dive into the essential teaching of A Course in Miracles: choosing love over fear.
    • Life Loves You: Recognize that life loves you as you learn about Louise Hay’s fundamental teaching and the philosophy of basic trust.
    • Sympathetic Joy: Discover the antidote to feelings of envy and competition through the Buddhist philosophy of sympathetic joy.
    • Guest Interview: Marianne Williamson: The Key to Happiness: Learn what A Course in Miracles imparts about happiness—and why forgiveness is the key to joy—from a world-renowned teacher.

    Week 7: The Happiness Project, Week Seven

    We have more than ever before: more freedom, more choices, more money, more opportunities for education, more shopping malls, more gadgets, more chances to travel—the list goes on and on. And yet we don’t seem to be any happier. In fact, you might say that the culture of “more” has failed us. In week seven, Robert talks about what he calls the “real more”…and discovering that what you really want is likely already here. He also dives into the relationship between happiness and money, how to undo the blocks in your life that limit your capacity to receive, and the importance of expressing gratitude—a foundational practice that will boost your happiness. Angel whisperer Kyle Gray also joins Robert to talk about what the angels have taught him about happiness and the unseen ways that life supports us.

    Week seven includes these lessons:

    • The Real More: Discover why the culture of “more” has failed us as a path to happiness, and experience the feeling of what it’s like to not want for anything.
    • Happiness and Money: Learn about the relationship between money and happiness as Robert shares his childhood story that confirms what research has proven.
    • The Receiving Meditation: Undo the blocks that limit your capacity to receive, and become a better receiver of the gifts that are yet unopened in your life.
    • Vocal Gratitude: Find out how gratitude can boost your happiness and why it’s so important to put it into practice.

    Guest Interview: Kyle Gray: Happiness and the Angels: Learn how life wants you to be happy and will support you in ways both seen and unseen, in this beautiful discussion about the angels.

    Week 8: The Happiness Project, Week Eight

    “We have a basic choice between becoming and being,” Robert says. “The ego is always ‘becoming happy’ or ‘about to be happy one day’…but the soul is much more into being. The soul is already happy.” In this final week you’ll begin with the powerful experience of simply being to connect with your inner wisdom and rest in true joy. From there, Robert guides you in how to cultivate a deeper relationship with the Now, what he calls our greatest teacher; discusses what being present means and how you can be more so in your life; and concludes by sharing how your happiness is in fact your gift to the entire world. You’ll also hear from Louise Hay in a special interview about tuning in to your “inner ding,” no matter what the outside world is telling you.

    Week eight includes these lessons:

    • The Joy of Being: Experience the simple joy of being—as opposed to wanting, doing, striving, chasing, and racing—to tap into your inner wisdom and connect with true joy.
    • Milking the Sacred Now: Cultivate a deeper relationship with the Now, what Robert calls our greatest teacher.
    • Guest Interview: Louise Hay: Your Inner Ding: Learn the power of tuning in to and honoring your “inner ding,” no matter what the outside world is telling you.
    • Finding the Present: Discover what being present really means, and learn how to be more so in your life.
    • The Gift of Happiness: Understand why your happiness is in fact a gift to the entire world; it goes far beyond you alone.

    Bonus Gifts: The Happiness Project Premiere Bonus Bundle

    BONUS: How Much Happiness Can You Handle?

    How much happiness can you handle? How much happiness is “too good to be true”? In this bonus video Robert explains more about the concepts of your joy tolerance level and happiness set point. You’ll learn that you have the power to raise your happiness set point—it’s not something that’s governed by your DNA, but by your self-image. “When you change your mind about yourself,” Robert says, “you can have a new contract with happiness.”

    BONUS: Increasing Your Tolerance for Joy!

    In this live demonstration, Robert helps his guest participant explore her happiness set point on a life-sized happiness-scale model. He illustrates how you can use this scale as an inquiry of personal research that will help you change your narrative about how happy you’ve “decided” to be. Experience what it feels like to move up the scale, for as you do, Robert says, “you’re meeting that place in you where your soul is already happy.”

    BONUS: Dialogue on Forgiveness movie

    Together, Robert and his long-time mentor Tom Carpenter, A Course in Miracles teacher and the creator of The Forgiveness Network, share an illuminating conversation about forgiveness. They will show you how forgiveness can help you find even greater happiness through healing your relationships, transforming your life, and discovering your true purpose.

    BONUS: Morning Prayer audio (read by Marianne Williamson)

    This beautiful poem, read by Marianne Williamson, is one that you can use to start each day in joy. It will help you surrender the day to the divine, ask God to direct your footsteps, and open you to receive the goodness of spirit.

    BONUS: Prayer for a New Day audio (read by Marianne Williamson)

    Each new day offers you the promise of happiness and the chance to begin again. Give thanks for the new day in this poem read by Marianne Williamson, which asks the divine to free you from the limitations of yesterday, give you strength and wisdom, and help you recognize the light in yourself and others.

    Shift Into Greater Happiness - Radio Show Bundle

    Coach Yourself to Greater Happiness

    There is an “inner coach” that exists within each and every one of us—and the more we open ourselves to its wisdom, the more it makes itself available to us. In this radio show episode, you’ll learn four profound self-coaching exercises to help you take the reins to your own happiness and reach greater levels of joy. Robert also coaches three listeners dealing with diverse challenges to happiness.

    How to Get Unstuck NOW

    Are you feeling stuck, at a dead end, or wondering what’s next? In this radio show episode, Robert talks about the “psychology of stuck” and shares his five trusted practices to become unstuck and make shifts happen. He also coaches listeners who need advice on breaking through the stuck-ness in their lives to find greater happiness now.

    Overcoming What Blocks Our Abundance

    “To be abundant, we have to know how abundant we already are,” Robert says. In this radio show episode, he shares his five keys to abundance. You’ll learn why abundance is not something you create, manifest, or attract—it’s something you need only recognize. Robert takes listener calls and helps you undo the blocks to recognizing your joyful, abundant nature along the way.

    Simple Ways to Add More Joy to Your Life

    In this radio show episode, Robert dives into discussing why joy is both a quality of your soul and part of your internal guidance system. You’ll discover why following your joy is the way to true, lasting happiness and learn how to tap into it more. Robert also goes in-depth with a caller, guiding her through uncertainty to her internal guidance system, and gives you a powerful exercise to practice at home.

    Hidden Blessings Everywhere

    In this special radio show episode, Robert counsels listeners on topics ranging from relationships and breakups to illness and the potential loss of a job. He helps you learn how to choose joy in every circumstance and stay open to life—because life will help you in delightful and surprising ways if you only let it.

    Love, Healing, and Happiness

    Love, relationships, and healing take center stage in this powerful radio show episode. You’ll hear an amazing story about a cancer survivor who decided to make each new day “the best day of her life”—and found true happiness along the way. You’ll also learn the power of reconnecting to your heart.

    Be Happy

    Be Happy! Is the follow-up to Robert Holden's best-selling Happiness NOW! In this audio download, Robert gives you a front-row seat on his 8-week happiness program-famously tested by independent scientists for the BBC-TV documentary called How to Be Happy. Step-by-step he introduces you to a set of proven techniques, principles, meditations, and insights that will help you be happy now!

    Key lessons include:
    Follow Your Joy - stop chasing happiness and start enjoying your life as it happens.
    The Happiness Contract - undo mental and emotional blocks to happiness and success.
    The Receiving Meditation - increase your natural capacity for happiness and abundance.
    The Forgiveness Practice - give up all hopes for a better past and be happy now.
    The Gift of Happiness - use the power of happiness to bless your life and benefit others.

    Bonus Gifts: 4 In-Course Webinars

    This in-course webinar allow you the unique opportunity to interact personally with Robert Holden and to ask questions, gain personalized insight about your situation and learn from others in the community. This LIVE webinar is only being offered within the course and is a rare chance to speak with Robert Holden to help get you an in-depth understanding on the exercises, tools and techniques in this course.

    By Cindylu on Nov 27, 2018

    This has been an amazing journey into joy! Robert's classes are infused with love and wisdom. It is really life-changing :)

    By Ellie on Jul 13, 2017

    This is one of the best online courses I have done. The 10 minute videos each day are inspiring and back up the reading. It was particularly helpful to go at my own pace. For example, I found the exercises involving mirror work so valuable that I spent a week consolidating my learning before moving on. Now I understand how I blocked happiness in my life and can take action to be happier. There are lots of different suggestions for daily practices which is great. I have chosen three of my favourites and use them every morning to set myself up for the day. After doing this course I am so much happier.