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What You Need to Know About Health and Healing - Part 1

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In this phenomenal six-lesson online course, world-renowned medical intuitive and teacher Caroline Myss takes you on a profound journey of healing. Over six insightful lessons, Caroline helps you rise above the mind-body issues that prevent you from experiencing true well-being, peace, and joy.

Lesson 1: The Mystery of Addictions
Every person is essentially an addict. Though many of us may...See more

In this phenomenal six-lesson online course, world-renowned medical intuitive and teacher Caroline Myss takes you on a profound journey of healing. Over six insightful lessons, Caroline helps you rise above the mind-body issues that prevent you from experiencing true well-being, peace, and joy.

Lesson 1: The Mystery of Addictions
Every person is essentially an addict. Though many of us may not be addicted to drugs or alcohol, addictions take countless other forms: food, power, relationships, illness, money, status, lying, stealing, or denial of what's really going on in one's life. All of these are expressions of addictions--patterns of behavior that a person retreats into automatically as a form of survival or as a way to avoid responsibility, pain, or coping directly with the chaos in their life. In this enlightening lesson, Caroline talks about the mystery of why we're addicts from the perspective of:

* Is there something in human nature that makes us all inclined toward addictions?
* Why are addictions so difficult to break?
* Do we like being addicts?
* How should we understand addictions in terms of power?
* What are practical and spiritual practices that a person can introduce into one's life to truly break free of an addiction?

Lesson 2: Psychology Verses Spiritual Depression
In this profound lesson, Caroline helps you get to the root of depression so you can truly understand its message of transformation.

Depression is a common and very real form of suffering that has touched almost all of us at some point in our lives. This often debilitating illness has many forms. There is chemical depression, which is the result of a bi-polar or manic personality complex, and depression that is the result of a life trauma, such the death of a family member. Then there is the category of spiritual depression, which stems from being in a spiritual crisis, the suffering that comes from tumbling into the “dark night of the soul.” As a society, we've become accustomed to medicating depression. Certainly, in many instances, pharmaceutical intervention may be what is called for. Yet, in other cases, the repression of the psyche when in the midst of depression is unwise. This is most definitely true when you're is in the midst of a spiritual crisis, as that is not a “crisis” as such but a call into a journey of personal transformation.

Lesson 3: Healing Long-Term Illness
There are many illnesses that cause long-term suffering: cancer, leukemia, Lupus, Lyme disease, AIDS… the list is endless. With such long-term challenges, it's understandable that many of us become exhausted as we work our way back to health or because we're assisting others in that challenge. It's difficult to continually believe that healing is possible or that a new treatment might bring better results. And it becomes even more rigorous to maintain faith in the possibility of a miracle, which is why this lesson is so important. Healing is no small undertaking. It requires a relentless commitment and much more. Join Caroline for today's insightful lesson and examine the following questions:

* Can a person heal after trying endless remedies that have produced little effect?
* Is there a certain mind-set that blocks healing?
* How can a person best assist the healing journey?
* How do I know I'm doing enough to heal myself?

Lesson 4: Psychic or Energetic Disorders
We now live in the Age of Energy. We're as active in our energy-technical culture as we are in our physical, if not more so. Many of us are technical, computer, I-phone, and email addicts, unable to be away from the Internet for more than 30 minutes without checking into the global satellite network system and its “energy lines of communication.”

This phenomenal shift in technology is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what it represents in the realm of change. As a species, we too have undergone a quantum shift. In the past 50 years, we've shifted from being essentially five-sensory to becoming a multi-sensory species. We're far more emotionally and psychically active than any previous human generation. Opening up our collective psychic/psyche/soul field while simultaneously manifesting that opening technically (a.k.a. the Internet), has resulted in the phenomenon of “psychic disorders” on a massive scale for the first time in human history. The problem is that while we speak about body/mind/spirit medicine and claim to follow a template of holism, none of our practices reflect that. That is, we've yet to even consider that psychic disorders exist, much less has the medical community conducted research into developing technology to test, measure, and treat energetic disorders. Instead, they fall into the realm of imagined, neurotic, or misdiagnosed.

Listen in as Caroline discusses the very important and timely subject of psychic disorders. Specifically, you'll talk about:

* What exactly is a psychic disorder and how do I distinguish such a disorder from a psychological one?
* How do I know if I have a psychic disorder?
* How do I recognize if I am becoming more psychically sensitive and what steps should I take to protect myself?
* Can I stop my energy field from becoming increasingly sensitive and open?
* What is the role of prayer?

Lesson 5: The Three Fears that Can Destroy the Quality of Your Life
We all have fears—they’re a part of life. The challenge we each face, however, is to find ways to navigate our fears, to puncture them, and see them for what they are: illusions in the language of Buddha and reptiles of the soul, as St. Teresa of Avila always said. It’s effortless to cave into our fears and to form an attachment to another person in the hopes that he or she will be our shield in life. Inevitably, such bonds disintegrate as no one wants to carry the fears of another person for too long. Running away from our fears is equally useless, as they become dark forces that possess you, causing you to see the world as a frightening and overwhelming place.

Each of us is ultimately responsible for fighting our own dragons. Of the many fears that can possess human beings, three dominate the psyche and do the most destruction: loneliness, poverty, and humiliation. This trio controls more of us and ruins more relationships and careers than any other fears a person can imagine. As a result of being possessed by these fears, we become ill. That illness may be psychological, physical, manifest as destructive behavior patterns, or perhaps all of the above. But without a doubt, an individual will suffer some health consequences from harboring these fears within them. It’s therefore vitally imperative that in this program, you join Caroline to discuss:

• How do I track the influence of these fears in my life, because I know they influence me?
• How do I figure out if they are affecting my health?
• How can I realistically challenge these fears, as they have been a part of me for so long?
• What do I do if I believe I cannot change?

Lesson 6: In Search of My Purpose and Meaning in Life
The search for one's purpose and meaning in life may seem like an odd topic to include in a series on health and medical intuition, but not any more.

We're now a society in which the need to have a purposeful life is an emotional and psychological as well as a spiritual value. In part, that is because we have merged spiritual values with economic values. But in addition to that, we're living longer and retiring with time on our hands. And finally, though this search emerges genuinely from the soul within us, it's often triggered by a life trauma, boredom, too much stuff, or a mid-life crisis. Now, given our times, it's also activated by the rapidly changing economic texture in our once-abundant society. In these years of awakening to the interior world, we've learned that a life without meaning and purpose is an empty life. Yet, such treasures are not delivered to one's door. Nor are meaning and purpose a code name for a glamorous career. What we are discovering is that the absence of a meaningful life makes a person ripe for a path of inner disintegration. In this very significant and final lesson, therefore, Caroline examines important questions such as:

* What is the essence of the meaningful life?
* How do I discern what I truly want and where I belong?
* How do I deal with pain and suffering?
* How do I define happiness? Would I even recognize myself as a happy person?

In What You Need to Know About Health and Healing, Part II, Caroline delves further into deepest and most effective truths of health and healing. Over six thought-provoking lessons, you’ll completely shift how you experience your life on all levels—spiritually, emotionally, and physically. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ON PART 2!

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