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Inspired by the work of our author, the entrepreneur and influencer Jessica Huie, and excited by other diversity initiatives in the publishing industry, Hay House UK has created Diverse Wisdom to attract and promote more writers of colour in the personal development, holistic health and spirituality space.

Louise Hay and Hay House CEO Reid Tracy have a long-standing commitment to publishing diverse voices, and we see this programme as an opportunity to strengthen that legacy and expand our community.

Jessica Huie

As Jessica Huie, author of Purpose, puts it:

‘Our personal development and evolution as one people is, in my opinion, our biggest priority as a human race. Through a better understanding and exploration of ourselves, we unlock our latent potential and are happier and more effective players in the world we occupy. As with all industries, diverse representation is critical to engaging with the masses. We need visible examples of individuals with whom we share rhetoric, backgrounds and experiences in order to engage.’

This ever-expanding initiative includes events and bursaries for writers of colour who want to learn more about the publishing process and the best steps to take to get published in our field.

Vex King

Vex King, author of the bestselling Good Vibes, Good Life, understands the importance of this initiative:

‘As a British-born Indian, I have broken the stereotype that is often attached to my culture by sharing my story. By being vulnerable, brave and bold enough to speak about my life and struggles as a young Indian man, whilst avoiding societal norms, I am managing to inspire thousands of people worldwide. We need to hear from other voices and backgrounds too, as everyone has a story to tell which will inspire others and set them on the path to self-healing.’

We are hopeful that Diverse Wisdom will help to make our industry more reflective of the society we live in. We are waiting to hear your story. Please see the links below for more details.


Diverse Wisdom Bursaries

In 2020 we’re proud to continue our Diverse Wisdom initiative for writers of colour who are keen to write a book which falls within the personal development or mind, body & spirit sectors.


Details to be confirmed soon!