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Manuscript submission guidelines

Dear authors, 

We have received a huge number of submissions in the past year – which is wonderful, but we have unfortunately become inundated and are unable to review the material in a reasonable amount of time. We were disappointing people and ourselves – as we weren’t doing as good a job as we aspire to. We didn’t want to have to close down unsolicited submissions completely like other publishers, so we have come up with a new system.

Now, instead of sending us your proposal, manuscript or book, we would like you to fill out a form. This form will contain a summary of your idea and crucial information that will help us to know whether we are likely to be able to publish your work successfully. You will receive an automated response to the form and then be contacted by a member of the editorial team if we would like to see more material. Please don’t call us regarding your submission – we will contact you if we feel that your work is right for us. 

Please understand that this will absolutely be the only way that we will receive unsolicited material going forward. It will not be possible to send material to the office. If you do this, we will simply send you a letter explaining that we are unable to consider your idea and your submission will be returned if you have sent in a prepaid envelope. 

If you don’t feel that you are likely to be selected via the form or you receive a message telling you that we will not be able to consider your proposal any further, do consider taking part in our Writer’s Workshop programme. You can do this in person at a live event or enrol in the Writer’s Workshop Online Course. On the course you will get all of the information that you need to become a successful author. The course is absolutely guaranteed to bring you closer to manifesting your writing dreams. If money is an obstacle to attending one of these events, please look at the Louise Hay Bursaries or if you are a person of colour please look at the Diverse Wisdom Bursaries for more information.

You can of course choose to appoint an agent who will be able to work directly with our Acquisitions Team.


What Hay House UK is looking for from an author:

  • innovative non-fiction material with a positive message
  • a well-developed concept within the book that will connect with readers
  • authors with a strong platform through which to promote their work (for example, a significant email list)

Hay House UK is not able to consider unsolicited (i.e. not represented by an agent) submissions for the following:

  • fiction titles
  • children’s books
  • poetry titles
  • card decks (e.g. oracle cards or tarot decks)
  • full-colour books (e.g. collections of nature photography)
  • audio products (we cannot produce stand-alone audio products e.g. meditation CDs)
  • work containing negative concepts that are not beneficial to helping/healing ourselves, or our planet

Whichever route you take we hope to hear from you!


Hay House UK Submissions Team


Please only submit one manuscript proposal. We cannot review more than one concept per author at any one time. Publication is a lengthy process and it is important that you are certain which project you are most happy to focus your efforts on for the foreseeable future.

We do not accept hard copy submissions. You may only submit proposals to us digitally.


How do I submit a book proposal to Hay House UK?

Thank you for your interest in your Hay House UK. Before you tell us about your book idea, please carefully read the guidelines at the top of this page.

You will then need to fill in the submissions form below the guidelines to tell us about yourself and your book idea. Your answers will help us determine whether it is a good fit for our list at this time and whether we would be able to market your book successfully. If we think we might be able to work together, we will come back to ask you for a full proposal.

Can I submit artwork for a card deck or illustrated book?

While we do publish card decks and some illustrated books, we are not currently looking to commission unsolicited (i.e. not represented by an agent) illustrated projects.

How many times can I submit my work?

There is no limit on how many times you can send us your work, but we do not recommend sending multiple submissions at the same time. Publication is a lengthy process; it is best if you focus your efforts on one project to start with.  

How long will it take before I hear back?

Once you have successfully submitted your synopsis via the form, we will aim to respond to you within a month.

Do you publish fiction?

While Hay House UK has previously published works of fiction, we are not currently commissioning more of these types of books.

Do you publish children’s books?

Hay House UK has previously published children’s books, but we are not currently commissioning more of these types of books.

Do you publish poetry or plays?

While Hay House UK has previously published poetry in some form, we are not currently commissioning more of these types of works. We do not publish plays.

Can I send my manuscript to your office?

At this time, we are only considering submissions via our online form. In the past, we received an overwhelming number of submissions – which was wonderful, but we were struggling to respond to all submissions as quickly as we should have. This is why we cannot accept physical submissions at this time – please use the online form to tell us about your work.

I don’t have an email address/computer. Can I submit another way?

We are very sorry but unfortunately, due to the number of unsolicited submissions we receive, we can only accept submissions through our online form. Creating an email address is free, and you may be able to use a computer in your local library or Internet café, or use a friend’s.

I sent my submission via your form, but I was rejected. Will I receive feedback?

Thank you for choosing to send your submission to Hay House UK. We are grateful that you chose us to consider your work. If we have rejected your submission, please know that this is not a reflection on your work but simply our assessment of whether we would be able to successfully market your book as part of our list. It may be that your book was not quite right for our list at this time.

However, you may wish to consider submitting to another publisher, self-publishing or seeking representation from an agent who could support you on your publishing journey.

I was asked to send in a full proposal but it was later rejected. Why?

If we look at a submission and think it could fit our list, we will ask you to send us a full proposal. This allows us to determine if we could successfully market your book based on its content, your platform and the audience you are likely to have for your work. Please note that a request to see a full proposal does not equal an offer: at this stage, we are still considering whether your book is a good fit for us.

If my submission is rejected, will I receive feedback?

We regret that we cannot give feedback on synopses that we reject. If we have looked at your synopsis, asked for a full proposal and then decided to reject it, we will offer some feedback. We understand that rejections are painful, and we are truly grateful that you chose to approach Hay House UK – but due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we cannot give feedback on synopses that we reject, only full proposals.

I have a self-published book I would like to submit to Hay House UK – do you consider self-published titles?

We do – please submit details of your self-published book through our online form. Please don’t send any physical copies of your book to the office – these will not be considered. Use the form to send us a synopsis of your book and answer some questions about yourself and your work. We will contact you within a month to let you know our answer.