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Makeover Your Love Life!

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Six Top Experts Share the Most Powerful Tools for Taking Your Love Life and Relationships to the Next Level

Does your love life need a makeover? Want to learn to change your personal energy so you attract a satisfying relationship or improve the one you’re currently in? Would you like to experience more powerful, unconditional love everyday? Want to rediscover and fall in love with YOU?...See more
Six Top Experts Share the Most Powerful Tools for Taking Your Love Life and Relationships to the Next Level

Does your love life need a makeover? Want to learn to change your personal energy so you attract a satisfying relationship or improve the one you’re currently in? Would you like to experience more powerful, unconditional love everyday? Want to rediscover and fall in love with YOU?

In this breakthrough Makeover Your Love Life online course, six sought-after experts in the fields of love, relationships, and manifestation share their most powerful techniques for radically transforming your love life, both inside and out. Over six weekly lessons, you’ll get hands-on guidance on everything from overcoming roadblocks to true love and tapping into the profound power within YOU to creating more fulfilling relationships and establishing a foundation of unconditional love in your everyday life.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll learn:

Spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette shows you how to trust your vibes to let go of your ego limits and create strong Spirit-based relationships.
Intuitive counselor Colette Baron-Reid teaches you her revolutionary new paradigm for breaking free of frustrating patterns and charting your course to the fulfilling love you long for.
Dating and relationship coach David Wygant shares practical tools for becoming the most powerful you, so you attract the strongest relationship you deserve.
Bestselling authors don Miguel Ruiz and don Jose Ruiz help you break free of the hidden fear that undermines love in all of your relationships, romantic and friendships.
Transformational expert Marci Shimoff shares her breakthrough approach for experiencing a deep and lasting state of unconditional love.
Consciousness creation expert Sandra Anne Taylor teaches you her powerful techniques for shifting your consciousness and manifesting true and lasting love with the Universal Laws.

Whether you’re dating and looking to find the right partnership, want to improve your current love relationship, or would simply like to experience more love in your everyday life, you’ll want to take this online course!

Remember, YOU have the power to change your relationships!

Lesson Overviews

Lesson 1: Trust Your Vibes to Improve Your Relationships!
Sonia Choquette

Join renowned intuitive and spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette as she teaches you the secret for creating happy joyful relationships—moving from those created "role to role" and stepping into partnerships with others "soul to soul."
Sonia gives you the best tools to nurture your most essential relationship of all—that of you with your Divine Spirit— and teaches you how to attract Spirit-based relationships with others, rather than those rooted in ego struggles and fear. With her loving support, you’ll learn how to easily bypass the ego and engage with everyone whom you are in relationship with at a higher, more authentic, and loving frequency, so that even the most toxic relationships have a chance to heal.
What’s more, Sonia teaches you how to ask for Divine help, support, and assistance from guides, yours, and those of your partners, so you can affect immediate change in all matters that affect your heart. And, she helps you change your personal vibration to one that is positive and attractive so you naturally draw in loving people who want to be in relationship with you.
Thanks to the tools Sonia shares with you in this lesson, you’ll attract the "best of the best" from others, and your relationship experience will shift into a positive flow rather than a life draining one. Best of all, Sonia's work is practical, simple, and fun and brings about immediate change for the better.

Lesson 2: The Map of Love: Chart Your Way to More Fulfilling Relationships!
Colette Baron-Reid

When it comes to love, where are you, when are you and who are you listening to? In her revolutionary new book, The Map: Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life, intuitive counselor Colette Baron-Reid introduces you to the three powerful questions that enable you to shift your perspective on your relationship patterns and show you the path to love that is fulfilling and meaningful.
Join Colette for this groundbreaking lesson as she shows you how to find yourself, choose your journey, release yourself from the prison of your making, and connect with your inner allies. Learn to tame your inner challenger, and even re-write the story of your past to unravel the bindings that prevent your from your heart's expression.
Love is in the air. You have the Map—now's the time to claim it with Colette!

Lesson 3: Find the Perfect Partner by Falling in Love with YOU!
David Wygant

Do you ever find yourself hoping and wishing you’ll meet the right person? Have you started to wonder whether it will ever happen?
Many of us long for the perfect partner—the prince or princess charming who will sweep us off our feet. There’s just one big problem with this…
You don’t spend time dating yourself, working on yourself, and realizing that you attract yourself!
So what do most people end up with? You guessed it—the needy version of themselves, rather than the strong powerful version they really deserve.
In this practical lesson, sought-after dating coach David Wygant shares his hands-on approach to attracting the perfect partner by first falling in love with you. Who are you really? Do you reveal your true self to others? Would you date you? David helps you unveil the profound power within YOU through a series of easy exercises that you can use every day to attract the right person into your life.
Ultimately, with David’s expertise, you’ll see that dating yourself will not only attract the right person, it will make the whole dating process more fun and enjoyable. And, his steps will enable you to open yourself eyes to the incredible love opportunities to come your way everyday!

Lesson 4: The True Nature of Love: A Guide to the Art of Relationship
Don Miguel Ruiz and don Jose Ruiz

International best-selling authors don Miguel Ruiz and his son don Jose Ruiz illuminate the fear-based beliefs and assumptions that undermine love and lead to suffering and drama in our relationships. Using insightful stories to bring their message to life, father and son show us how to heal our emotional wounds, recover the freedom and joy that are our birthright, and restore the spirit of playfulness that is vital to loving relationships.
As don Miguel tells us in The Mastery of Love, we cannot love others until we learn to love ourselves. When we learn to love ourselves, then every action we take is an expression of our love, and love in action can only produce happiness.
In this lesson, you’ll find out why “domestication” and the “image of perfection” lead to self-rejection and how to overcome the war of control that slowly destroys most relationships. don Miguel and don Jose talk about why we hunt for love in others and how to capture the love inside us. Ultimately, you’ll discover how to finally accept and forgive ourselves and others

Lesson 5: The Steps to Love for No Reason: Living a Life of Unconditional Love
Marci Shimoff

You can experience deep, unconditional love at any time and in any experience! Join Marci Shimoff, bestselling author of Love for No Reason, as she shares her revolutionary seven-step program for increasing your capacity to love and propel you into a state of Higher Love.
In your lesson with Marci, you’ll discover how to bring pure love to yourself and everyone and everything around you. With Marci’s techniques, you’ll break through the boundaries of negative experiences and fears that stop the flow of unconditional love. You’ll discover how to open your heart fully and experience a profound and lasting love from the inside rather than needing to get it from the outside. Marci also shares her years of research and uplifting stories on the power of love, enabling you to bring more love to your family, friends, community and the world without over giving and burning out . And, you’ll learn how to feel unconditional love for yourself and stop beating yourself up, criticizing and condemning yourself.
Get ready to magnetize more love into your life in this lesson!

Lesson 6: Manifest True Love with the Universal Laws
Sandra Anne Taylor

In this enlightening lesson, New York Times bestselling author Sandra Anne Taylor reveals the intricate connection between the Universal Laws and romantic relationships. You’ll uncover the truth about the Law of Magnetism to discover what really makes up your Personal Energy Field—and learn how you can pump up your attraction level! Sandra teaches you how the Law of Manifestation could be working for or against you—and what you can do to shift your consciousness and dramatically change your results. You’ll also learn the powerful intricacies behind the Laws of Desire and Intent, and find out how to formulate a pure intention and project a clear and powerful self-image.
With Sandra’s expert guidance, you’ll let go of wishful thinking and simplistic approaches to attraction as you master practical techniques that will help you see yourself and others in entirely new and exciting ways. You can identify and release your old, unhealthy patterns in love. Stop sabotaging your goals with hidden and conflicting intentions, and finally create a new destiny direction.
When you learn how your Love Consciousness creates your reality, you can charge it in dynamic ways to activate the mystical forces of the energetic realm. No matter what you’ve been through in the past, you do have the power to project an irresistible life force that can magnetize and maintain real and long-lasting love! Join Sandra to realize that power!

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