Unicorn Healing Meditations by Calista

    Unicorn Healing Meditations

    Sacred Attunements to Bring You Back to You

    by  Calista

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    Publisher: Hay House UK

    Publication Date: 15/05/2018

    ISBN: 9781788172431

    Narrated By: Calista

    Version: Unabridged

    Unicorn Healing® Meditations is a unique collection of attunements inspired by and released alongside Calista's book, Unicorn Rising.

    This audio download contains six tracks lasting between 7 and 18 minutes. All of these are divine, energetic transmissions designed to help the listener expand their vibration, attune to their consciousness and discover their Unicorn guides. Calista has conscientiously prepared all of these meditations to create something that is truly unique and not yet available on the market. Listeners will learn incredible transformative techniques, such as how to receive etheric horns of Light to accelerate ascension and enhance their intuitive powers, how to channel healing Unicorn energy, how to meet their personal Pegasus guide and attune to the Diamond Ray. To support the meditations, Calista uses music with Theta frequencies (specific vibrational sounds that encourage a deep meditative state).

    To maximize the benefits they will receive from these attunements, listeners will be encouraged to try the #RisingReflections from Unicorn Rising. Many of the readers will also be eager to practice the knowledge gained from the book through Calista's Unicorn Healing® Meditations.

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    By Lisa on May 22, 2018

    Amazing meditations, such a beautiful, divine voice.

    By Sheylyn on May 18, 2018

    Calista facilitates a connection to your unicorn guide to receive healing with her signature style of lightheartedness and nurturing. She is such a warm, bubbly presence (follow her Facebook Power Half Hours!) that gently guides you along your inner workings, evoking serenity and grace by connecting you to the unicorn realm. I am so grateful for her light and work in the world!